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Removing A Post From Ground

How To Remove A fence Post or Other Post From the Ground

Dear Concord Carpenter,

What would be the best way to remove a fence post?  I’m replacing sections of my stockade fence and am having difficulty removing the post from the ground.

Thanks Mike L

Dear Mike,

The quickest way I’ve seen is to use a bobcat or heavy equipment machine and a chin to lift the post out of the ground.  This works well with posts that have concrete footings or sign posts as well.

There are also professional tools you can buy or rent two in particular are the “Pot Popper” and the Searco Post Puller.”  the Searco puller reminds me of a hydraulic engine hoist and pulls the post out of the ground with a chain.

the reality is that you probably do not have acees to a bob cat or professional tool so your have to reort to brute force and ignorance – just kidding.

Removing a Post from the Ground By Hand:

Sometimes it’s simpler to just cut the post flush and relocate the new post hole.  If that is not an option try this:

If the post is not set in concrete you may be able to persuade the post by pushing and pulling back and forth on the post.  This rocking movement may be enough to loosen the earth around the post and then simply lift it out of the ground.

If lifting the post is difficult you may need a little leverage.    Here’s what I’ve done:

Place a rock or block of wood on the ground beside the post. Wrap a chain around the post, level with the top of the block. Fasten the chain to itself with a bolt or hook so it forms a loop around the post, with just enough slack to slip a 4- to 6-foot-long pry bar or metal pipe between the post and the chain. Insert the pry bar through the chain so one end rests on the rock and most of the length extends the other direction.

Push up on the end of the pry bar while another person rocks the post back and forth to loosen it.   Slip the chain down the post so it’s level with the rock as the post rises. Continue wiggling the post and levering it, and digging if necessary, until it comes up.

Alternatively you can nail a scrap block to the post and use that scrap block as a purchase point for your leverage bar.  Is that scrap block to pry the post out of the ground.  I recently did this on a barn support post repair job.  See removing a post from ground photo – above.

Good Luck, ROB




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