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Remodeling Trends


Remodeling Trends- What America Wants

Over the past few years, Americans have been surveyed to describe what is important to them when remodeling.
Home improvement  projects point to specific remodeling trends.

Specifically, people want indoor/outdoor livability, technological innovations, flexibility (design should easily adapt to changing family needs), and a kitchen-centric focus.

The American Institute of Architects released its first home design trends survey, which relayed similar findings.


62% of firms reported that homes are becoming more accessible with features such as wider hallways, fewer steps, and the growing popularity of single-floor design

Informal Space:

66% of firms reported that “informal space” is increasing, along with a trend towards an open space layout in the home.

Home size:

40% of firms reported square footage of homes is still increasing, while only 13% report declines.

Home layout:

49% of firms reported that finished basements and attics are increasing in popularity, as owners of older homes are looking to increase their living space.


48% of firms reported upscale landscaping is on the increase, as is the popularity of outdoor living space with features such as decks, porches, and patios.


30% of firms reported the increase in other outdoor amenities including swimming pools, tennis courts, and gazebos

Remodeling Pointers:

There’s a ton of stuff to read out there on these remodeling trends.  Much of this material portrays the remodeling process as an easy to do process.   What’s missing is remodeling can be stressful and difficult to accomplish.   Read More to learn SIX remodeling pointers that will save you time and money.

Remodeling Magazine and The American Institute of Architects

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