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Remodeling For In-Laws


Elderly Friendly Remodeling

Living With Your Parents!

I live in a multi-generational home that we remodeled for a handicap in-law.  Many people these days are remodeling for in-laws and either bringing in their parents or moving in with them and taking over the house responsibilities.  

According to an AARP survey, the number of multi-generational households has grown from 5 million in 2000 to 6.2 million in 2008. 

BabyBoomers Expect In-Laws To Move In

Nearly a quarter of baby boomers expect that their parents or in-laws will move in with them.

As carpenters and builders we may start seeing more addition and remodel requests with a focus on creating living space for two generations.

Aging In Place Considerations

With more and more people realizing this, most homeowners are staying home and “aging in place.” And with the increase of homeowners staying home, many are turning to remodeling in order to increase accessibility and appeal. 
Although some remodels are based on changes in family life such as a parent or a child moving in, others are based on a demand for creating a more comfortable and usable home.   Some of the factors folks are considering are long-lasting materials, sustainability, style and a more usable, open and attractive floor plans.

Remodeling For In-Laws

When thinking about creating this type of living space for aging parents one needs to consider the possibility of a home having aging in place considerations:
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