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Remodeling A Kitchen With Stainless Steel


 Remodeling With Stainless Steel:

Kitchens have become a central gathering point in our social and entertaining lives, most dinner parties start and end in the kitchen.

Updating your kitchen or a full kitchen remodel will increase the design, function and resale value of a home.  A kitchen remodel instantly raises the value of your home, can provide you with a more effective preparation and cooking space

When remodeling your kitchen, consider incorporating stainless steel into your design.  Stainless steel has been used in kitchen designs for years.  We’re all used to seeing the ever popular stainless steel appliances but the options for using stainless steel in a kitchen are endless.

Stainless steel can be incorporated into designing a new kitchen and is often a focal point – it clearly makes a statement of high end quality.  Stainless steel is often seen in commercial and high end kitchens and is mostly used for high-quality metal counter tops, prep tables and behind stoves in commercial applications.

What many people do not know is that stainless steel can be used in residential kitchen or bath remodels as wall, floor or ceiling tiles, cabinets, prep tables and counter back splashes to create interesting architectural finishes.

Stainless steel lasts a lifetime; it’s durable, easy to clean, scratch resistant.  It is one of the most hygienic surfaces for the preparation of foods and very easy to clean, as its unique surface has no pores or cracks to harbor dirt, grime or bacteria.

Some of the benefits of using stainless steel in your kitchen design are;

♦  It is very attractive and requires minimal care, since it won’t chip or easily rust and it takes little seasoning.

♦  It will not affect flavor, as it does not react with acidic foods during food preparation or cooking.

♦  With proper care, it has a useful life expectancy of over 100 years, and it is totally recyclable The textures stainless steel even resists fingerprints.

♦ It is very attractive and requires minimal care, since it won’t chip or easily rust and it takes little seasoning.

Some of the coolest back splashes I’ve seen have a textured or patterned design called “quilted or textured sheeting.”

Remodeling A Kitchen With Stainless Steel ~ From A Newsletter Subscriber:

Dear Concord Carpenter,

First of all, I really enjoy reading A Concord Carpenter, so much cool information! I don’t know if you’re interested in submissions, but I figured, what the heck!  Maybe you are…

I wanted to share a project of mine which I’m very happy with: my new stainless steel kitchen counters which me and my husband installed ourselves. When we were remodeling our kitchen we were debating about what counters to choose. I loved the idea of stainless steel counters, so industrial, natural and durable, however if you get them professionally installed then they can be pretty pricey.

We worked with a local sheet metal place that gave us a very reasonable quote on shaping a piece of stainless steel if we did some of the work ourselves: so we made a plywood model of our counters, brought it to our local shop and later installed it all on top of our old counters. The result has been great. We got really nice counters which ended up costing us around $400 (roughly $20/square foot.) Now, that’s an excellent price, and our counters are perfect! 

Regards, Linn

Dear Linn,

You did a great job and I’m enjoying your blog, The Home Project,  very much!

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