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Relocating A Shower Head

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Relocating A Shower Head Question


I have been reading your blog, and enjoy the tips you present. I have a shower question.

Right now my shower head is on a wall all it’s own. I would like to put the shower head/faucet on the facing wall.  My house is on a slab.

How huge of a project is relocating a shower head? If that is done, I’ll take out the fiberglass and tile the shower too, so it’s ALL coming out if it happens… would like to do a 90 degree glass enclosure for the shower, too.

I can’t figure out the right search terms to get google to give me anything useful for “moving shower head” to another wall. Can you help at least get me started?

Thanks!! Jason

Hi Jason,

Thanks for your question!

It’s not a huge project if you know what your doing and are skilled at remodeling.

As far as running your pipes, there is only one way. Go up into ceiling joists, drill through joists (slight pitch down towards the new shower HEAD), then down into the other wall.

Both 90 degree turns on each upper portion of the walls should be installed with swing joints combination of two 90’s) so a pitch can be created without putting pressure on a single 90 fitting.

Depending on ceiling height position outlet to shower head at a min. of 6’6″ off floor (as long as it will clear the ceiling when spinning in shower arm pipe).

I like 6’8″ if possible as the head will be lower on finish install due to the arched shower arm which can lower the head a few inches or more from its outlet center.

Good luck on your project and thanks for the questions.

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