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How To Reduce Your Utility Bills

Energy loss


How To Reduce Your Utility Bills Reduce Your Utility Bills – A DIY Approach

Many air leaks and drafts are easy to find because you can see daylight coming through them or actually fee the draft.  Others are not.  Holes in insulation, attic floors, basements, and crawlspaces all contribute to huge energy loss.

Here is my top 10 Do-It-Yourself list for improving your homes efficiency and reducing utility bills.

How To Reduce Your Utility Bills

1.  Inefficient or leaking windows:

2.  Inspect and repair fireplace dampers:

3.      Tune up your hot water tank:

4.      Address door leaks:

5.  HVAC duct leaks:

6.  Refrigerator gasket seal:

7.  Seal penetrations in walls and ceilings:

8.  Attic door or hatch:

9.    Exterior wall light switch and outlets: [Foam Gaskets]

10.  Update you furnace, refrigerator and dryer:

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