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Redington Sonic-Pro Waders


Review written by Sarah Green Carmichael

Women’s Waders: Redington Sonic-Pro Review

“How’s the booty?” asked my father-in-law, inquiring about my new women’s Redington Sonic Pro waders.

“It’s great!” I enthused, explaining how my new waders allowed plenty of room for layers underneath, while not feeling too bulky.

He looked confused, and so I explained that I was wearing three pairs of pants — two pairs of long johns and pair of trousers. He looked more confused. “But your feet?”

Oh!” I understood, belatedly. “Right. That booty.”

I supposed I could be forgiven for assuming my husband’s dad was asking about my derriere — for me, it’s always been tough to find clothes that fit hips that are a little more Kim Kardashian than Taylor Swift. So for me, definitely the most exciting part of putting on my new Redingtons was finding that they fit perfectly around what Fergie would call my “lady lumps,” thanks to side paneling with a hint of stretch (stretchy waterproof fabric has to be one of the great technological innovations of modern times) and an elastic drawstring around the top of the wader, to keep it from gaping out.

Women Waders

A good pair of women’s fishing chest waders can be tough to find. Many retail stores don’t regularly stock them, and if they do, they often only stock one pair for trying-on purposes. You’ll of course have more options online, but there it can be difficult to assess the quality and fit of what you’re looking at. For me, the Redington Sonic-Pro was a perfect match.

I tested them out in several hours of fishing in a chilly Quebecois river. Although it was late September and the water temperatures were in the 50s, I never felt cold, despite fishing for hours. They also kept me completely dry, even after I slipped on a rock and stumbled to my knees (d’oh — don’t tell anyone).

Four Layer Construction

Part of the secret is their four-layer construction. Cheaper waders may be made of three layers, or even two layers (often with an extra layer over the knees), but the Redington Sonic-Pro waders are made from sturdy four-layer material that is both waterproof and breathable. (For comparison, the average waterproof rain jacket may only have 1 or 1.5 layers; only the highest-end rain shells even have three-layer fabric. So four layers is kind of a big deal.) The additional layer is part of why they cost more than, say, the Redington Willow River series, but I think it’s worth it. I don’t believe in being a “little bit” dry. I believe in being totally dry. And while only time will tell, I am betting that the extra layer will help these waders stay leak-free for longer. Similarly, the booties (plural!) on these waders are also thicker — 4mm instead of 3mm. My feet were as warm and dry as the rest of me.

What I liked!

A few other things I liked about these waders: the hand-warmer chest pocket lined with fleece on both sides, and the interior mesh pocket. The latter is a bucket-style pocket so you can easily and quickly drop things in or take things out; it’s secured with a bit of velcro. I found this really convenient and easy to use. The waders also come with a heavy-duty clear plastic pouch, with a folder-over top, that attaches to the front left side. This is where I stored my fishing license, and could also easily hold most cell phones, if you really must have your phone with you on the river.

No Pockets

There are no other pockets besides these, which might be a drawback for some anglers, but it wasn’t an issue for me, personally. A clean and simple design is good for range of motion, something that was further enhanced by the stretchy suspenders and mesh back.

One final word of praise for these waders: thank God they’re not pink. I have nothing against pink as a color, but I’m tired of outdoor gear companies thinking that when women go into the great outdoors, we must all want to wear pastels. These waders are a nice, normal, neutral color with just a dash of teal-blue trim, and for me, it was a breath of fresh air.

I can confidently say that the new Redington Women’s Sonic-Pro waders are the best waders I’ve ever worn. Both in the booty and in the booties.

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