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Recycling Building Materials

In the construction and remodeling field I am constantly coming across good materials that are destined for a dumpster.   When I have the time and space I sometimes take these items and try to find a way to recycle them.  Recycling building materials and reusing them has become a big business.

Recycled Fireplace Materials

I am currently working at this house and recently gutted the stone from the fireplace seen above. The fireplace surround and hearth is 1 1/2″ thick blue stone.

The new project will have granite and a more traditional wood fireplace mantle.

I hated to throw this blue stone in the dumpster so after thinking about it a bit I came up with a good alternative to reuse it.

Recycling Building Materials in A Pool House

My pool pump house has 1 1/4 crushed stones as a floor. While it’s great for drainage and draining the pool pipes it’s real rough on bare feet.

I have long been thinking about building a wood plank way to walk on. Using the blue stones here as pavers is a better alternative.

A new life for unwanted building materials. Reduce, Re-use, Re-cycle!

READ how we recycled a fireplace mantle from 1890.


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