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Re-glazing Clawfoot Tub vs Replacement

Re-glazing Clawfoot Tub vs Replacement Reglaze vs. remodeling?

I’m a huge fan of saving old, antique bathroom fixtures.

A few weeks ago I attended the 2011 Boston Home show and spoke to Stephen Verbeek from Talon Reglaze about re-glazing vs. remodeling.

According to Steve you can save 80% from re-glazing a tub and tile surrounds when comparing that to the cost of tearing everything out and installing a new tub and tile surround.

I didn’t realize that you can also re-glaze counter tops, sinks fiberglass enclosures and shower stalls with a choice of over 100 multi-stone colors.

 Reglazing A Vintage Claw Foot Tub

What I really was interested in speaking to Steve about was refinishing of vintage claw foot tubs.  I’ve always loved the claw foot tub and feel that they are still the best soaking tub around, not to mention an awesome accent piece to any bathroom.

A quick peek on Craig’s List shows claw foot tubs ranging from free to $2000. the factors for this range are largely based on the condition of the tub, size, style and uniqueness.  For example claw foot tubs that are larger than the standard 5” rolled top claw foot tub like the coveted 72” tub or smaller [Childs tub] demand a much higher price.

Antique claw foot tubs can re-glazed for approximately $1000.

The vast majority of refinishing a claw foot tub involves preparation work and a small amount of painting.   First the tub is sand blasted in a shop equipped to handle any lead dust.

Bondo, similar to automotive repair, is then used to fill voids, pits and other blemishes.

Once the tub is clean, lead and defect free the interior of the tub is acid etched, primed and painted.    Two coats of a two part resin and catalyst primer and two to three coats of finish paint are applied.   A minimal of two days is required for this finish process and will result in a brand new looking tub.

How long will the new reglaze finish last?

With the proper cleaning care, you can expect almost ten years.

So don’t replace it re-glaze


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