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Racor Storage Solutions

Workshop, Garage or Tool Shed Storage Options:

How many times have you been in your workshop, garage or tool shed and found that one “tool” that you were looking for last  month?   You know the one that you couldn’t find at the time so you went out and bought another one.  Now you have two and can’t find either of them . . .  

Been there right?  

I don’t know about you but that disorganization and clutter drives me crazy – I like organization in my life especially with my tools.  For me clutter-clearing is modern-day alchemy but the problem that most of use don’t think about is that designing a organized and versatile shop, garage or shed workspace requires careful planning and the right storage solution.

Recently I came across a company called Racor.   Racor has a huge variety of storage solutions to organize and store bikes, sports equipment, tools, lawn and garden supplies, bulky items like ladders and totes. 

I was impressed, contacted the company and asked them to send me a few samples of their tool storage solutions for a review.  The Racor solutions are based on simplicity.    The famous Italian painter, sculptor and my favorite inventor Leonardo DaVinci said “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication,”  this product seems to draw on that premise and I bet Leonardo would be impressed. 

I had decided that I was going to use the Racor Storage Solutions in my shed, pool house and 6 x 10 utility tool trailer.  I focused my attention to the often used but hard to store items in my shed and trailer.   Items like ladders, pneumatic hoses, electrical cords, shovels and spray cans.  Here’s what I installed:

Spray Can Rack:

The Racor Can Rack is a black epoxy finished steel unit that is designed to mount to the wall with four screws [provided] and holds up to  six cans all in one convenient place.   The can rack also holds caulking, glue bottles, lubricant or cleaning spray cans and anything up to 2 ¾ inches wide.

Hose Rack:

I mounted the Racor Snap2it Hose Rack on my trailer door for cords and pneumatic hoses as well as on my shed door.  

I can see just about everyone sing this hose rack.   It is perfect for storing garden hoses, pool hoses and rope.    Constructed of steel with a durable epoxy finish the Hose Rack installs into one stud with two fasteners. [provided]  the “Snal2it system” uses a WallDock that allows you to change out hanging systems, with out tools, to custom design or change your storage plan.

Multi Use Hook:

The Racor Snap2it Multi-Use Hook is designed for all types of options such as ladders, lawn chairs, strollers and extension.  I frequently need a small step ladder  to access the extension ladders I store on top of my trailer so I mounted one of the Multi-Use Hooks on my trailer door for quick access to my step ladder – it works beautifully.  I also used a Multi Use Hook to mount my six foot, heavy step ladder in my shed.

Utility Hook:

The Racor Snap2it Utility Hook is designed for hanging power tools, garden supplies, shovels and other items along the wall. Constructed of steel with a durable epoxy finish, the Utility Hook is equipped for long-lasting reliability.

It  installs with a  WallDock into one stud with two fasteners.  I used the Utility Hooks to mount one of my adjustable table-saw extension rollers on the wall and also to hand a shovel.  Up to this point I constantly had to move two items out of my way to access other tools time and time again.  I was getting tired of moving them.

 Overall Impression:

The Racor storage solution is one way to approach chaos and come out with a long lasting, space saving approach to organization.  

The Racor products I used in this review were quality, easy to install and all at a price point that wont break the bank.  I like the product so much that I am going to take a peek at some of their other storage solutions and will report  back to you soon.


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