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Racor Ceiling Storage Lift

Racor Ceiling Storage Lift

Racor Ceiling Storage Lift PHL-1R Review

The folks at Racor Home Storage Products recently sent  me their Racor Ceiling Storage Lift to install and evaluate.  The lift is designed to load, lift and store  items to the ceiling without using a ladder.  I have to admit I was interested to see if this was a useless gadget or a serious solution to my storage problem.

Ceiling Storage

The Racor Ceiling Storage Lift allows you to use 16 square feet of ceiling storage space while leaving the floor below free.   I immediately thought that it would be perfect for seasonal storage and after some thought arrived at the solution to one of problems.

I have a pool cover that mice love to eat – the cover cost a thousand dollars and repairs to the cover are annoying, time consuming and costly.   Not only would this ceiling storage lift provide a storage location free from mice but the 4’ x 4’ cage platform design would allow the damp pool cover to dry on the bottom and not become moldy.   I was ready to try this out.

I decided to install the ceiling storage lift in the entry way to my storage shed.  This area is a pathway and can not have any storage on the floor – but it can and now does have storage at the ceiling!


Heavy Duty

The Ceiling Storage Heavy Lift has a unique pulley system that lowers 8 feet from the ceiling and can support up to 250 pounds of storage items at the ceiling height.    The pulley system has two independent cables that are manually raised or lowered using a provided hand crank  or alternatively you can attach the hand crank to a power drill and raised it quicker.  The best part is that once installed you do not need a ladder to access your storage.

Easy Assembly

Assembly was easy and probably took a little more than 2 hours to assemble.  The hardest part of the process is mounting the support racks to the ceiling joist at 48″ apart.  I would rate this project as a moderate DIY project.

Racor Ceiling Storage Lift

I really like the Racor ceiling storage lift and see it as an innovative and pragmatic solution to seasonal bulk storage.  At  $140.oo online here: Racor-PHL-1R-HeavyLift-4-Foot-Cable-Lift this product is a keeper!  

Well done Racor. 

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