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Storing Pipe Clamps With A Racor 450 Wall Storage Rack

Racor 450 Pound Heavy Duty Wall Storage Rack PLM-1R

If your a woodworker or a finish carpenter you most likely have an assortment of clamps.  I use pipe clamps all the time and hate seeing them strewn about the shop floor – I like organization which led me to  the idea of Storing Pipe Clamps With A Racor 450 Wall Storage Rack.

My theory that you can never have enough clamps is true for me.   See earlier article on Pipe Clamp Storage.

I keep several very long 7 foot and 8 foot pipe clamps.   These clamps come in handy for large face frames, wainscoting or window seat glue ups.    My problem was that I needed a better way to store my super long pipe clamps.

I currently store my pipe clamps above the doorway entering a small room off my shop.  I like this spot since it’s out of the way and unused space.  I tried using a generic storage hook that I bought at the hardware store but the weight of several of these long pipe clamps was just too much and frankly it was getting dangerous.

I recently did some reviews on Racor storage products and a Racor Ceiling Lift Storage Unit and realized that Storing Pipe Clamps With A Racor 450 Wall Storage Rack was the solution to my problem as well as other storage problems in the shop or garage.

The Racor 450 Wall Storage Rack is a multi-purpose wall storage rack that can hold 150lbs on each of three tiers for a total of 450lbs.  That means you can store heavy stuff on this rack like a ladder, metal pipe, lumber and pipe clamps!

The three tiers are of the  Racor 450 Wall Storage Rack are 16” deep and come pre-drilled if you want to fasten your own shelves to the rack and extend 15 inches out from the wall.  Constructed of steel with a durable epoxy finish, the 450 Rack is designed for long-time stability, corrosion resistance, and rust-free storage.

Installing the Racor 450 Wall Storage Rack:

With 150-Pound weight capacity per tier that’s 300 pounds a pair which was more than enough for my clamps.  My first concern was mounting the rack in the same location but high enough so I would not hit my head.  Because of the height of the rack I needed to eliminate the top tier but putting it up in the floor joist bay.  To do this I padded out the wall below to the same thickness of the ledger board of the floor system above.

I then threw out the 2-inch lag bolts that came with the Racor 450 Rack and opted to use 3-1/2″ inch long truss lock structural screws.  They drive faster, easier and were 2 inches longer.  I needed to go through my 1-1/2 inch of padding onto the framing behind it.

Once installed I hung my 180 pounds off it to see how well it held – perfect!


Storing Pipe Clamps With A Racor 450 Wall Storage Rack was a no brainer.   It is a sturdy, durable rack that will safely holds hundreds of pounds of pipe clamps or other long storage items.

The Racor 450 Wall Storage Rack is a useful addition to the workshop, garage or tool shed.    Because it offers a total capacity of 450 lbs. it is not a chinsey item and a real deal solution to storage problems.    If you had to make something our of 2×4’s with that weight support capacity it would be a lot longer than 15 inches off the wall!

The Racor 450 Wall Storage Rack sells for $26.95 online here:   Racor 450 Wall Storage Rack

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