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Quick Ship Assembled Cabinets from Home Depot

Quick Ship Assembled Cabinets from Home Depot         Quick Ship Assembled Cabinets from Home Depot

According to remodeling a mid-range major  kitchen remodel costs homeowners $56,768. So for contractors, Kitchens can be a ticket to consistent wintertime work with BIG payoffs. But many challenges exist when it comes to executing a Kitchen remodel and since the kitchen is the heart of the home ANY delays in construction can cause a lot of heartburn with your customers.

The contractors answer to fast and efficient kitchen remodel estimates, orders, and installations all at a competitive price can be achieved with Home Depot’s Quick Ship Assembled Cabinets.  With quality built boxes, made of plywood, these cabinets are guaranteed from a source that is fast and reliable!

Add Professional Designs to Estimates

Kitchen remodels can become very complicated and depending on the client they may be looking for a designers touch when planning their new kitchen. With some free services you can enhance the quality and accuracy of your estimates, ultimately helping you win the job! And in the long run provide your customers with additional services that don’t dig into your bottom line or complicate your job.

Estimating a job and executing a job for the price you initially quoted can be a challenge depending on your customer. Change orders can be a frequent and time consuming task when your customer requests add ons or decides as the project starts coming together, that they actually do want crown on their cabinets or speciality doors. To help guide your estimate and keep your price, and client, in check, Home Depot’s Kitchen Estimator can also save you time upfront on a take off and save you the headache of change order after change order during the job.

Present Style, Color, and Door Options

When you source cabinets from a custom cabinet shop your options are usually great for width, height, and depth. Filler strips and odd spacing can be eliminated maximizing the space. The major disadvantages of custom cabinetry can be a limited selection of door styles and moldings, not to mention the sometime astronomical lead times to turn around an order. The production time for custom cabinets can also kill a job, if the shop makes the wrong cabinet, this can drag your job out for another 3-4 weeks!

With Home Depot’s Quick Ship Assembled Cabinets you can present your customer with over 10 door styles and finishes. Often customers have a style in mind, maybe browsed through magazines, online, or even shopped around before they bring in a contractor to bid the job. Finding a comparable style at a better price and that reduces the remodel timeline is possible with Home Depot, considering the many styles, finishes, and door options available.

Faster Install Compared to Assembly Required Cabinets

When it comes to finding comparable styles, it seems more and more mid-range kitchen remodels are being inspired by Assembly Required European Box Stores. Many customers see impressive show rooms with low prices and think they can afford a modern style kitchen with all the upgrades, but fail to realize the prices they see are the bare bones cabinets, that also require assembly, aka your labor charges.

Assembling cabinets, or even for that matter, building cabinets, requires a well planned, well thought out, and well executed production system to keep costs down and turn a profit. So when it comes to Cabinetry, save time with Assembled Cabinets. Furthermore you can encourage customers go with Quick Ship Assembled Cabinets from Home Depot as they offer boxes made with Plywood instead of particle board cabinets.

Fast and Cost Effective

In addition to the many FREE tools provided to you as the contractor sourcing cabinets from Home Depot you can count on some of the lowest prices and the fastest turn around time for order to delivery. Free computer designs and quotes can be obtained with accurate measurements, see video below. With many convenient Home Depot locations you can even pick up cabinets at the store if stock cabinets are selected. And you can always point your customers to their cabinetry section to get a close look at the door styles.

Finally, Home Depots competitive pricing puts you in a great position to provide your customers with a quality cabinet while factoring in a healthy margin, that allows you to quote jobs competitively. Starting at $55 per linear foot or $1100 for a 10×10, Quick Ship Assembled Cabinets from Home Depot offer some of the lowest prices for large orders.

Ultimately, kitchen remodels can be tough territory to venture into, but the opportunity for fruitful jobs is well worth navigating the complexities of the kitchen. These cabinets from Home Depot help you as a contractor control some variables that can help ensure you execute the job quickly, keep the customer happy, and turn a profit for you and your crew!

As you become more comfortable and familiar with a system the more efficient your bidding, planning, and supplemental ordering will be. If you haven’t ventured into the kitchen remodel market, starting in the mid-range market with a well known ally like Home Depot, you’ll likely be successful. And Quick Ship Assembled Cabinets can be the key to ensuring your very first job is a success!

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