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The Pulverizer Multi-Purpose Tool

The Pulverizer Multi-Purpose Concrete & Demolition Tool Review

The Pulverizer is a hand held solution for heavy-duty demolition projects for professionals, concrete form contractors and DIYers

Jackson®, an Ames True Temper® brand and a leading manufacturer of non-powered, industrial-strength digging, striking and material handling products, recently sent me a Pulverizer to review.

First Impression:

The Pulverizer is only 3.5 pounds and 12.8″ long and slightly longer than a standard pry bar or hammer.  [photos lower right]

The Pulverizer is a hand-held tool with a super comfortable shock dampening rubber grip to to reduce slipping.

The Pulverizer  has a heavy duty sledge head with a 1-1/2″ strike face and a claw teeth pry bar on the other side.   The bottom of the tool has a larger flat pry bar with a nail pulling triangle head nail puller
that works well on 16 penny nails.

Using The The Pulverizer Multi-Purpose Tool

At first it felt front heavy and unbalanced but as I was using it to dismantle a 2×4 wall I foung the front weight useful for leverage.

The Pulverizer is fully forged and entirely heat-treated to 48 to 52 Rockwell hardness, and is an ideal tool for both professionals doing heavy concrete work like setting up and tearing down forms, prying forms loose, hammering in drift pins, and bending form snap ties, and for helping DIY homeowners ripping down tile, tearing down walls, plaster wood and metal lath, subfloors as well as ripping up porch decking.

Because of it’s designed for heavy duty demolition work I would recommend to Jackson that they should consider increasing the length of this the Pulverizer by six to ten inches.  Providing a longer tool would require less bending over, better over head reach and of course more leverage in prying and pulling activities.

Overall Impression:

I liked the Pulverizer.  It’s an all-in-one tool designed for very rough demo work or concrete form work.  It is not designed to replace the wonder or flat bar which is designed for more delicate prying applications.

The Pulverizer is an ideal tool for concrete work, such as, setting up, tearing down forms, prying forms loose, hammering In drift pins and bending concrete form snap ties.

Where to Buy:

The Pulverizer will be available this spring at Ace Hardware, True Value, Orchard Supply Hardware,, Fastenal, Ors Nasco, and other leading retailers nationwide afor approx. $39.99.

Or purchase one here at Jackson-2517400-Pulverizer-Concrete-Demolition

Ideal For Heavy Concrete Work, Setting Up/Tearing Down Forms, Prying Forms Loose, Hammering In Drift Pins, Bending Form Snap Ties, Sledge Hammer With 1-1/2′ Strike Face

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