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Everyone has problems.

Everyone encounters problems.

Everyone can solve problems with the right attitude and a solid time proven strategy.


Here’s my two cents on problem solving:

1. What is the problem:

Often people think of a problem in terms of its consequences but in reality you need to identify what the REAL problem is. Find the source and fix it.

2. Identify a list of possible solutions:

Many times there are many different solutions at hand, you just need to find the best solution for your situation. Brainstorm ideas when problem solving and write them your ideas. See my post on brainstorming.

Ask people whom you trust, respect and share the same values as you or who may have experience dealing with similar issues. Once you have a good list of solutions you can weigh the pros and cons of each one.

3. Identify the solution:

Once you find a solution that provides the best long term outcome you have to make the decision and follow through.

Accepting any consequences that arise from your decision is important here. If things do not turn out as you had planned do not dwell on it. You put time and thought into your decision and that’s what counts!

~ concord carpenter

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