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Precast Concrete Steps

Installing Precast Concrete StairsPrecast Concrete Steps

Precast Concrete Steps have been around for approximately fifty years.  Precast concrete steps are a pre-made solid  pair of steps and landing that can be delivered and installed at your home.  A truck with a special crane transports the stairs and then hoists it into place.

While not considered a “high quality” product they are attractive, durable, provide low maintenance care and certainly fit the budget.   Not to mention they can be installed in forty-five minutes or  less.  Just add water – right!

Precast concrete steps are manufactured of high strength, lightweight, steel reinforced concrete and come in many different size configurations.  Even brick clad.

Advantages of Precast Concrete Steps:

Unlike poured concrete steps that require a footing, have to be formed, poured, shaped and cured,  precast concrete steps are less likely to settle because they are hollow and lighter.

The treads, risers and landings of our stairs are made as one solid piece. This means there are no mortar joints or gaps for water to seep into as could happen on real brick or natural stone steps.

Because the steps  are so light they are typically set onto concrete blocks.  If the steps settle they can easily be lifted with a long pry bar and shimmed.

If the house foundation is exposed and able to be drilled many times installers will drill holes into the foundation and attach two steel angle iron brackets  bolted with stainless steel expanding bolts.   Concrete blocks are still used to support the ouuter edges of the precast steps.

Adaptability and Flexibility of Precast Concrete Steps:

The vast array of standard configurations of  Concrete Precast concrete step products support the most challenging requirements and applications. Over the last 50 years,manufacturers have  mastered the engineering process and created a comprehensive matrix of standard configurations of precast concrete steps. Contractors, builders and homeowners alike continue to use precast concrete stairs and products on their products for their low maintenance, fast install and budget.

Selecting Precast Concrete Steps:

Precast concrete steps can be faced with brick and come with either 7 or 7.5 inch risers can be “stacked” in unlimited combinations and placed side by side if a wider tread be desired.

Most if not all of the precast concrete steps I’ve seen have metal or aluminum railings.   Most of the time these railings are installed with stainless steel, expanding bolts that are installed in holes drilled into the precast concrete.

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