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Precast Concrete Piers

Precast Footings

We recently had the opportunity to try out precast concrete piers on a deck project we were working on. These piers come in round and square and are made from 4000 psi concrete with a 1/2 inch captured bolt provision. embedded in each footing is a (1) 1/2 inch rebar. Precast concrete piers are designed to be installed directly in the ground and will resist frost heaving.

Concrete Pier Applications

Precast concrete piers can be used in ,many applications including:

Sonotube Alternative

If you have access to a machine on site a precast concrete pier will eliminate the manual labor of digging, mixing and pouring concrete into Sonotubes.  It also eliminates curing times. Concrete piers are tapered and their smooth shape is effective at preventing movement due to frost.

Precast Concrete Pier Sizes

Precast concrete piers are available in 4ft and 5ft heights and have a top diameter of 8 inches and a ground bearing diameter of 23 x 23 inches. The periods weigh  750 lbs. tank you need a machine to move ad place them.

Overall Thoughts

Using the precast concrete is not for everyone. Precast concrete deck footings are a ready to go solution and can be used when the weather is iffy for pouring concrete.  They’re also the perfect alternative to using Sonotubes.



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