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Pre-Construction Mock Ups

Pre-Construction Mock Ups

Best Practice:  Pre-Construction Mock Ups

As a carpenter and remodeler I know all too well that getting the smallest detail wrong on a project can cost me alot of money or set the job back weeks at a time.  Knowing this has sold me on the idea that making a pre construction mock up for a client is important.

In the building industry if you asked me to build a built-in book case and “oh yea . . . make it nice.”   What exactly does that mean?  You’d be a fool to tackle a project like that without at least an elevation drawing approved by the client.  What one person has in their minds eye is not the same for others.  We’re talking trying to get on the same page, apples to apples that sort of thing.

What is a Mock Up?

A mock up is a full-size model, usually made with the same materials and exact dimensions that will be used on the proposed project.  It allows all parties involved to have a full size, three dimensional model to view for quality, design and  aesthetic details.

A mock up model allows folks to work out the details prior to undertaking a larger project.  The biggest advantage to making a mock up for a client is to acquire feedback from them on the design and gain a true apples to apples understanding.

Mock-ups address the idea captured in a popular engineering one-liner: You can fix it now on the drafting board with an eraser or you can fix it later on the construction site with a sledge hammer.

Advantages of mock-ups:

Time Saved Is Money Earned:

Mock ups reduce errors and we all know that mistakes cost time and money.   Testing out a solution or design early on saves time, wasted effort and ensures accuracy while reducing callbacks.   It may seem like an additional expense on the front end of a project but a mock up but it truly saves money.



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