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Power Tool Cord Tip

Prevent Power cord From UnPlugging

Anyone who works with power tools know that there is nothing more frustrating than when your just about to use a tool, pull to far and the cord becomes unplugged. Aaaaarrrgghh!

That feeling intensifies further if your high up on a ladder or on your back in a hard to get to crawl space.

My first day working on a job site I learned a neat power tool cord trick to keep cords plugged in and to lessen the strain on the tool plugs and extension cord boots.

Tie them in a knot:

Hold both cord ends together in one hand and tie a loose knot. After making the knot plug in the connectors.

The beauty of using this method is there is never any strain or stress on the plug ends. I even raise and lower my power tools from ladders by the cords using this connection.

Photo Below: this method works but places alot of strain on the plug connectors ~ eventually ending in an electrical short, necessitating premature plug replacement.

Stay plugged in!


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