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PORTER-CABLE Oscillating Multi Tool

Porter-Cable PC250MTK Oscillating Tool with the Tool Free System:

Porter-Cable recently sent me their PORTER-CABLE Oscillating Multi Tool to evaluate and review.

As carpenters we use the Porter-Cable PC250MTK for cutting applications only – no sanding.   Most of the cuts we make with this tool saves us a ton of time and replaced traditional methods of cutting using a variety of tools such as: Japanese saws, back saws, scarey – nasty reciprocating cuts, chisels and utility knives.

Over the past month, my lead carpenter, George Gusler, has used the PORTER-CABLE Oscillating Multi Tool on a daily basis with much success.  In our opinion, the PC250MTK has several advantages over the well known “Fein” multi-tool.

The most obvious feature would be the tool-less blade change which allows you to change the blade without handling any loose nuts or bolts.  The very first time I installed a blade on the Porter-Cable Multi tool, I was impressed that I did not have to remove any part of the tool to install the blade.

When presented with the Porter-Cable PC250-MTK, Carpenter George Gusler, related to me that in his experience working aboard yachts, any tool that had a part that must be removed often, will soon be useless. One slip and the removed part goes overboard.

The Porter-Cable PC250MTK multi-tool does not have removable parts.  A good gripping squeeze at the working end of the tool, and the blade disengages and your ready to change blades.  Nice touch!!

This tool-less, no parts design was well thought out and once you try it you’ll see what I mean.  By simply pressing a lever, contractors can change the accessories or adjust the accessory or blade angle.

The PC250MTK runs on 120V electrical power and delivers 10,000–20,000 oscillations per minute (OPM) by way of a high-torque 2.5 AMP motor that can handle almost any job-site application. The variable speed unit has an oscillation angle of 2.8 degrees and comes equipped with a nice 10-foot cord.  Many manufacturers are making tools with longer cords these days – no doubt after listening to their end users

This tools motor vents are in a spot that I would like to see moved.  Currently the vents are located directly where you naturally place your hand.   I’m not a tool engineer but I’m guessing that this is not good for the motor over time.  I’d like to see a vent at the rear of the tool or maybe discharge the air at the blade – kind of like a chip blower that many jig saws have.

The Porter-Cable PC250MTK has a comfortable grip and is light enough to use in all types of applications including overhead and out stretched arms.   I was at first apprehensive of it’s light weight, but found the tool to have adequate power to cut everything I need to cut.

George approves of the saw, as do I, and has since claimed ownership of it.   His plan is to give one to his sister, who has a North Carolina  business that services high end yachts.  According to George,  “I have long trusted the Porter-Cable brand as did my father and his… Good work on the Multi Tool design.”

How Much And Where To Buy:

The PC250MTK retails for approximately $105.00 online here:

The PC250MTK 2.5 Amp Corded Oscillating Multi-Tool Kit will include 35 assorted accessories and an injection molded kit box.


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