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Porter-Cable 390 5-Inch Low Profile Random Orbit Sander

Porter-Cable Random Orbit Sander

The Porter-Cable 390 5-Inch Low Profile Random Orbit Sander is a powerful palm sander that has a low center of gravity for better control and handling as allows you to getting the sander into tight spots.
I’ve always used random orbitals because they sand so nicely across the grain!

Porter Cable  recently sent me their 390 low profile 5″ random orbital sander to evaluate. I’m a big fan of Porter Cable sanders and own four of them.

First Impression:

The very first thing I noticed was how much smaller the 390 was to my old Porter Cable sander. The 390 was reduced 31% in height. It’s lightweight and very manageable.

Motor And Speed:

This sander was designed the 390 with a EnduraTech Motor Technology which is touted to have 71% fewer wear components, that translates into a 5 to10 times longer motor life.  An electronic motor brake reduces spin-down time by 73% . It has a variable speed dial that allows speed adjustments from  7,500 to 12,000 rpm which helps customize your sanding approach on a variety of materials.

A built in pad break prevents this sander from over-speeding [free-spin] of the sanding pad.  this means when you life the tool off your work surface the pad rotation is reduced to 500 rpm

Dust Collection:

The Porter-Cable 390 5-Inch Low Profile Random Orbit Sander has a dust container as well as an integral dust port which accepts 1″ and 1-1/2″ vacuum hoses for optimal dust collection.  I easily connected my work shop hose from my shop vac to the sander.


The Porter Cable 390 is super comfortable to use and it’s low-profile design is shorter than previous older models as well as the competition. This translates into better control of the tool, better access into small spaces and less fatigue with over head sanding operations.


The Porter Cable 390 uses 5″ [127 mm] hook and loop sanding disks with an 8 hold dust extraction pattern.

Warranty Information:

The 390 is backed by a one-year service free and 90 day money back warranty.

What’s in the Box

Using the Porter-Cable 390 5-Inch Low Profile Random Orbit Sander:

I used the Porter Cable 390 sander to build three built in window seats in the shop and then install them in the field.  The 390 worked great and was fast at removing material if needed.

Overall Impression:

WOW ~ what a difference from my old random orbital sander.  The 390 is smooth, lightweight and powerful enough to use on all types of professional,  carpentry and Do-It- Yourself projects.  highly recommended!

How much and where to buy:

The Porter-Cable 390 5-Inch Low Profile Random Orbit Sander sells for $99.00 online here:


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