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PollenTEC Reusable Air Filters

PollenTEC Reusable Air Filters

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Breathe Easier With PollenTEC Reusable Air Filters

More than 50 million people in North America are affected by allergies and almost 55%of the population test positive for at least one or more airborne allergens.I have allergies. I’m allergic to dust, mold and a bunch of other environmental allergens. Breathing easier is just a matter of doing the right things. See this list for

steps to reduce allergies.One very important step you can take to remove allergens in your home is to filter the air with a high efficiency particulate air filters and to make sure you clean air filters frequently and air ducts at least once a year.

Home air filters help protect your family from allergens, and other airborne irritants as well as keep your furnace operating

efficiently. Filters remove small airborne particles, helping to keep the air in your home and you healthier.I recently discovered a new long life, reusable filter from the company

PollenTec. PollenTec is known for their innovative PollenTEC screen material. 

[PollenTEC screens look very similar to normal screens but are designed with a unique filtering effect that attracts pollen spores like a magnet and traps them into the fine fibrous grid of the material. ]

Next month I will post on an detailed installation and review of this PollenTec screening in a screen porch in Concord, MA.

RE-USABLE AIR FILTER:PollenTec has designed a unique new HVAC air filter that is as effective as it is durable. The

PollenTec Advanced Long Life Filters can last up to five years, are washable, reusable and very easy to clean. Washing these filters takes less than three minutes.With over 300 million disposable air filters ending up in landfills each year, using one PollenTec filter over a five year period significantly reduces the waste impact in landfills nationally.

PollenTec filters are designed to remove those allergens efficiently and effectively. All PollenTec air filters are made from the patented PollenTec material that has been tested and certified by the European Center for Allergy Research Foundation (ECARF), and verified that 100% of grass pollens, 99.71% of birch pollen, 93.1% of Stinging Nettle-pollen and 90.9% of Ragweed pollen were captured by the PollenTec filter media.

Using a reusable PollenTec filter will pay for its self within one year or less when compared to using other throw away filters.


Receive a better quality air filter for the home.
Protect the health of your family and pets.
Prevent damage to your AC System.
Save on your electricity – up to 10%.
Save on gas and significantly reduce carbon emissions.
Significantly reduce the impact on your local landfill when you use the PollenTec long life filter.


The PollenTec Air Filter incorporates dual panel multi-layer technology: The filter utilizes four cross directional layers which provides unsurpassed performance and durability. The first two layers capture all airborne pollens and the majority of other microscopic particles and the second two layers ensure that remaining particles are trapped.
The PollenTec Filter media captures allergen size particles as small as .3 microns ? (1 micron = 1/24,000th of an inch). The PollenTec Filter media is made from proprietary precisely spun 100% high grade polyester followed by a patented coating process, attracting pollen like a magnet.


PollenTec air filters average retail price is $92.00 and are available to purchase directly from PollenTEC.
The average cost of a disposable MERV 8 pleated filter is $15.00 to $20.00 and up. Replacing that filter a minimum of at least six times per year will cost on average, $95.00 a year.

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