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Planning A Deck

How To Plan A Deck

When it comes to adding some extra space outdoors, a deck is a great way to create a place for the friends and family to gather.

There are a ton of choices when thinking about adding a deck such as:

Local code will dictate some of these decisions and it is extremely important to get a permit before starting.

To get the most out of the deck, think about how you’ll be using it now, and in the future. Money is tight and sometimes it is easier to start off simple and add when the budget allows. A plan that allows for options later will be more cost-effective than removing, replacing and building anew. Outdoor kitchens are extremely popular but might not be in the budget now, it would be best to build a sub-structure that can accommodate this additional weight when you have a chance.

Putting together a plan has never been easier with the number of sites and software available to get an “off-the-shelf” solution or to create a custom deck. One company that offers a whole host of tools to get started is TimberTech. They have a product selector quiz, color visualizer, deck designer and beginning in 2012, they will have more than 600 code-compliant and architect approved deck plans available for free. Yeah, that’s right. Free.

When using these online tools, for planning a deck, most of the questions above will become answers.

If you are considering a contractor, use the search box to look for additional helpful articles like planning a remodel.




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