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Pet Screen Question

Damage To Screens From Pets

Question For a Reader:   Rosie Luneau


The main reason I need to rescreen my porch is because my dog “out of the blue” has decided to push through the screens, even though his doggy door was just fine for the past two years! I just found out about PollenTEC screening and would like to use it, but I also need something strong to keep my dog from going through it. I’m interested in keeping costs down, and would appreciate your recommendation? I’ve tackled a few projects and I’m eager to get started with this one. Any advice?


Hi Rosie, The PollenTEC screen is amazing but I do not think they have screen material strong enough to resist pet claws.  I do recommend it for other areas. I have two dogs who constantly were ruining my screen porch and sliding screen door screens. I was at the point of installing ¼” square chicken wire in with the screen when I came across a pet screen product at my lumberyard. The  pet proof window screens I purchased are seven times stronger than traditional fiberglass or aluminum screening. Pet Screen is resistant to tears and damage caused by household pets. The pet screen was easy to install and looks similar to but is a little thicker than standard screen mesh screen.  The pet proof screen is made from vinyl coated polyester and is much heavier than traditional fiberglass or aluminum screening. I hope this helps! Image source:

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