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Paulk Workbench Review

Solution for A Small Shop

I recently took the Paulk Workbench from FastCap into my shop to review and evaluate. The Paulk Workbench is an innovative workbench system with a torsion box-like design. The result of this design is that it is strong, versatile and flexible workshop solution. The Paulk Workbench top measures 3’x6’x10”, completely assembled, and also has two adjustable support saw horses.

Paulk workbench Applications

At first glance I can see this system useful in the following applications.

Workshop Benches and Tables

If you’re like me, you’ve probably built most of the tables and benches in your shop. If you’ve had your workshop for at least 20-years, I’m betting that those workbenches and tables have seen many modifications. To me it’s a simple, but often hard to achieve, quest to be more efficient and organized and efficient.  When I do achieve those two goals, I tend to me more effective and productive on my projects. Time is money, and more time on task, and less time setting up or searching for tools, means the project is completed in a timely fashion.

Workshop Assembly and Out-feed Table

My old assembly table setup was inefficient. It was a simple table top and lower shelf. I had a wood vise mounted on one side and a 16” out-feed roller on the other side, doubling as an out-feed table.

Paulk Workbench Applications

The Paulk Workbench offers a flat stable surface; it allows you to work efficiently while having all your tools just below the work surface on a lower side opening, shelf section. It is constructed out strong multi-laminated birch plywood this bench will last a longtime. If the ¾” top becomes damaged you simply unscrew it and replace it, or add another layer on top.

In my shop, my old assembly table height was 35-inches which used to be the height of my old Grizzly table saw. After that saw broke I started using the RIDGID saw as a temporary saw until I could afford a Delta Unisaw.  To make this work, I added an out-feed roller to the assembly table. For my shop, I wanted the Paulk Workbench to double as an assembly table and an out-feed table. To do this, I adjusted the sawhorse straps to 37”, which matched my 10-inch ridged table saw.

Adjustability and Flexibility

One thing I really like about the Paulk Workbench is its flexibility. I am able to use this as an assembly table and out-feed table but I also can enjoy the following flexible applications:

Paulk Workbench Weight

The Paulk Workbench tabletop weighs about 60-pounds. I’m a mobile contractor, and I do not see myself using this on my day to day jobs. I would consider setting this up ion a project that was going to last awhile. A project like and interior trim job, or building onsite mantles and bookshelves.


If you plan on using this workbench outside you want to keep it dry. Birch plywood does not like getting wet and the veneer will deteriorate over time. One improvement would be to use Marine grade plywood.

Paulk Workbench Cost

Fastcap sells the Paulk Workbench in three configurations:

  1. $630 Completely assembled table and sawhorses
  2. $530 Completely assembled tabletop
  3. $330 Tabletop [NOT] assembled [flat stock]

If you are having this item delivered, shipping does add up, and the UPS delivery company will only do a tailgate drop.

If cost is too much, you can always order the plans and make it yourself. I do caution you to evaluate how much time and effort is required.

I figure it would take me a day and a half to make this table assembly. When you calculate my hourly rate, plus the materials needed and the time needed to build it, it’s cheaper to purchase the Paulk Workbench.

Final Thoughts

I started out thinking that I was going to simply write a review on this table and move on. I was impressed with the quality and flexible features of this table that it is going to become my new assembly / out-feed table for my shop.

The process of organizing your workshop varies wildly depending on how you use your shop. Efficiency and organization is a process that is constantly being tweaked, overhauled. This process can take months or years to fine-tune. Especially as we learn what works and what doesn’t work in terms of operation, storage and features.

My theory on the cost of the Paulk Workbench, is you get what you pay for. This table will improve efficiency and organization, in your shop.

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