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Paslode PowerBoost Black Tip Coating Nails

PowerBoost™ Black Tip Coating Nails

Paslode® Cordless Framing Nailer Features A New PowerBoost™ Black Tip Coating:

Paslode has been the leading innovator in cordless nailers forever.  They recently introduced a new nail system that promises to blow the doors off the competition.  These nails feature the PowerBoost™ Black Tip Coating and are found on Paslode  3” and 3-1/4” framing nails.

You ask, What is the Black Tip Coating?

The PowerBoost™ Black Tip Coating is a proprietary nail coating that is applied on the first third portion of the nail.  It allows the CF325 to drive the nail flush into super hard lumber, such as Laminated Veneer Lumber [LVL]

It seems that this nail acts like a lubricant to penetrate the LVL material but then once installed it holds and resist pulling out.  Paslode says that their tests show a 20 percent better holding power than a traditional framing nail.   The nails come with a full round head and are paper collated for a 30-degree nailer.

One interesting idea is Paslodes Fuel + Nail Combo Packs.  The new framing nails with PowerBoost™ Black Tip Coating are made in the United States and are packaged with Quicklode™ fuel cells.  These Fuel + Nail Combo Packs offer the convenience of fuel and nails in one package.  you can purchase these packages in cartons of one fuel cartridge and 1,000 nails or three fuel cartridges plus 3,000 nails.

Paslode has done studies on how these packages will save you time and money.  Check out Paslode’s Cost Saving Calculator


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