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Paslode PF350S Framing Nailer

Paslode PF350S PowerFramer 30º Degree Framing Nailer Review

The folks at Paslode Cordless and Duo-Fast Construction recently sent me their pneumatic Paslode PF350S Framing Nailer to review.

About two years ago, engineers at Paslode set out to redesign and build the best performing production framing nailer. Prior to doing this they spoke with production framing contractors across the country asking them what they wanted to see in a production nailer.

Their responses guided the Paslode engineers to to create the PF350S PowerFramer™ 30º Framing Nailer, a durable, lightweight, well balanced and extremely powerful pneumatic nailer.

Paslode even claims that the Paslode PF350S PowerFramer™ Nailer is tough enough to withstand a two-story drop and still perform.

The nailers grill pattern on the front of the housing (similar to their sister company’s Duo-Fast DF350S), was designed to reinforce the nailers top metal housing and protect the vulnerable inner workings where protection was needed the most. By using the grille pattern they were able to reduce weight in less vulnerable areas.

Photo: Reinforced housing.

Paslode claims that this nailer will perform in the field for 18 months without service and further claims the nailer should last for more than five years of continual use, offering a one-year service free guarantee and an impressive five-year limited warranty to back up this claim.

The PowerFramer PF350s is hailed to be powerful enough to drive three-inch nails into any type of engineered lumber. In my experience all of the other framing nailers that I’ve used can’t do this. I always have to back over and hand nail the fasteners flush to the surface.

I’ve had the Paslode PF350S Framing Nailer for a month now and have used it in many different applications.

Here what I found:


Out of the box the PowerFramer PF350S looked big. It was larger than my current nailer but I was surprised at how light it felt when I picked it up.

The Paslode PF350S PowerFramer™ 30º Framing Nailer weighs 7.5 pounds and is nicely balanced with a rubber grip and 13inches of tool depth just enough to make it between 16″ o.c. spaced rafters and floor joists.
The compact design of this nailer will no doubt pay for itself in the framing field but also in the remodeling industry where maneuverability in a homes existing framing structure is needed.

The Paslode PF350S Framing Nailer has a real nice fit and finish to it. Holding its cushioned rubber grip you immediately notice that it is well balanced and it feels lighter than its 7.5 pounds.

Photo: showing ergonomically designed rubber grip and canted hose nipple

Weight and balance is an important consideration for safety, production and comfort, especially if your using this nailer daily. Using my older nailer overhead now reminds me of what it must be like to lift an anvil!

The unit has a real nice ergonomically design allowing easy finger reach for the the user to transition comfortably to and from the trigger.


The PowerFramer PF350S easily buried nails in everything I nailed, from brand new studs to LVL engineered beams, pressure treated wood to over 100 year old floor joists and beams.

I’ve never had a nailer that was this powerful.


The PowerFramer PF350S drives Paslode RoundDrive™ or standard clipped-head fasteners from 2″ to 3.5” in length and smooth, ring shank, brite and hot-dipped galvanized finishes. Nail capacity is two full strips which are extremely easy to load.

In my opinion paper collation is a better choice for nails and allows the nailer to have more
on-board nail storage. Which means less re-loading for me.

The nailer has a rear loading magazine and a latch on the slide that easily clicks to stay open while changing out nails.

Photo: latch to hold open the nail magazine for changing out nails.

The PowerFramer PF350S has a depth of drive adjustment which was easy to adjust and worked well. A funtion that is a must with today’s diversified contruction materials.

Photo: Depth of drive adjustment knob

Controlling the fastener depth is important for not over-driving nails in plywood sheeting or finished pressure treated decking.

Photo: Rectangle hole left in wood from a fastener driver too deep

On thing I noticed is that the PowerFramer PF350S nail driver is rectangular rather than round and leaves a rectangular shape when the tool countersinks nails. This is an important consideration if you nails will be exposed. I easily overcame this by adjusting the tools depth of drive.

Photo: After adjusting the depth of drive to a proper fastener depth.


1. Guaranteed service-free for one-year!

2. Compact design fits into tight spots

3. Dual mode trigger easily switches from single or rapid fire cycles

4. Integrated metal exhaust cap [not plastic] blows the air out of the way and to the front. Thank you!!

Photo: Nailers metal cast exhaust port.

5. Cushioned RUBBER grip for all-day comfort and keeping hands from cold metal in the winter.

6. Tool-free depth changes nail depth easily and quickly.

7. Nail lockout prevents blank firing protects the wood and nailers driver pin.

8. Rafter hook that swings out easily and closes tightly out of the way. You can hook the tool on your tool belt or hang it on 2 x framing.

Photo: Fold out storage / hanging rafter hook.

9. The nailers nose-piece has aggressive teeth which are ideal for toe-nailing.

Photo: Nailers aggressive tip which was great for toe nailing nails

10. The hose attachment is canted out from the bottom of the handle which holds the hose out of the way.


The Paslode PF350S Framing Nailer is available through authorized Paslode retail outlets nationwide. To learn more about the product or to find a dealer, users can visit or call 1-800-222-6990. You can also buy it HERE.


I am impressed with and really enjoyed using the PowerFramer PF350S. Paslode has always made great tools but this nailer is well built and top notch.

A carpenter friend who also used the nailer was also equally impressed with the weight /balance / power of the PowerFramer PF350S.

The most impressive feature of this nailer was its weight and balance ratio and the power it delivered. The ability to fully drive fasteners into engineered lumber is a huge plus and a time saver.

I highly recommend this nailer to anyone looking for a full service framing gun that will last a long time and provide years of uninterrupted service, especially if you in the framing or remodeling field.



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