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Paslode Fuel and Nail Combo Packs

Fuel + Black Tip Nail Combo Packs

Paslode Fuel and Nail Combination Packs

I recently have been testing the Paslode CF325 cordless framing nailer.   The nailer came with a package of nails and fuel all in one.   Paslode calls it their “Fuel and Nail Combo Pack.”Fuel and Nail Combo Packs come in two sizes: 1,000 nails with one Quicklode™ fuel cell and one adapter, or 3,000 nails with three Quickload™ fuel cells and three adapters.

Nails and fuel in one package????

I was skeptical at first but after using and reading about this new idea I’m starting to come around.

First of all the fuel and nail packages work with any Paslode cordless framing nailer which is a plus since most people currently has the older cordless nailer model.  The fuel cells have a backwards-compatible adapter for the older nailers.

Second, by purchasing the nails and fuel cells together, you avoid having to remember to order more fuel cells plus Paslode has done the math for you.

Third, the idea of buying your fuel and nails at one time makes sense when you sit down and think about how you use the nailer and fasteners.  Have you ever bought nails only to get to the job site and realized you forgot to buy fuel?  I know many of carpenters who have.

Paslode was thinking with their fuel canisters.  They provide more fuel than nails and this is a good idea because everyone uses the tool differently.  For example, many carpenters I know will use the nailer to position wood in place before nailing.  While this is an old tried and true method with pneumatic nailers, it wastes fuel with cordless ones.

PowerBoost Black Tip Coated Nails

The nails in the combo pack also have an interesting black coating on the tips. Paslode calls them their “PowerBoost Black Tip Coated Nails.”

The nails are designed to provide extra driving power without the need to create a heavier more powerful nail gun. These nails were designed specifically to deal with the new denser engineered lumber products.

The black coating is both a lubricant which assists nail penetration and an adhesive to help resist nail pull-out.

30° paper tape collation

The new PowerBoost™ nails feature a 30° paper tape collation which reduces scrap and eliminates flying debris. Plus, they are full head nails that offer maximum holding power, helping carpenters comply with building codes where a round head nail is specified.

Full head nails have a greater holding capacity than their clipped head counterparts.  Many areas around the country are requiring full head nails as part of their building code.  This is especially true in costal and hurricane areas where we see high winds.

Paper Strips Have A  New Design

One important thing to mention is that the paper on the nail strips has a newer design that resists moisture. These nails have a propriety tape adhesion so they don’t fall apart in wet weather and a special process to make the paper very rigid, meaning they shear consistently when fired creating less jams and wear.

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