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Paslode Cordless 16 Gauge Lithium Ion Finish Nailer

Paslode Cordless 16 Gauge, Angled 7.6 Volt Li-ion Finish Nailer

Paslode finally came out with a lithium-ion version for their finish nailer. The Paslode cordless 16 gauge lithium ion finish nailer is going to be available this august at a price poi9nt of $399.00.

The framing version has been out for awhile now and I can absolutely tell the difference between the older Ni-Cad model and the Li-ion version.

The Paslode cordless 16 gauge lithium Ion finish nailer is 4.5 pounds and is powered by a 7.6 volt lithium-ion battery enabling it to run 50 percent longer and drive 6,000 nails.  The older version drove 4,000 nails.

There are a few subtle new features that really add a nice touch to this nailer and my favorite is the battery lock. This position allows the battery to be locked in a standy by position to disconnect it from the tool and prevent parasitic power draw from the battery. It also prevents the battery from being dropped or lost because you can store the battery in the tool.

The new Li-ion battery takes one hour to charge and is 80 percent charged in 20 minutes.  the BEST part of the battery charging is a “quick boost” feature that allows the nailer to drive 200 nails with just a 2 minute charge. WOW    that a nice “end of the day” treat! No more waiting an hour or swapping over to a pneumatic nailer at the end of the day.

Lastly the depth of drive thumb control is larger and easier to operate.  Working in the cold North East many times I wear gloves and this thumb control is easy to operate.

Video Review:

Comparing the new Paslode cordless 16 gauge lithium ion finish nailers performance to it’s older sibling is easy but some of the re-design changes are subtle.

Paslode Cordless 16 gauge Lithium Ion Finish Nailer Features:

• Fuel hatch automatically aligns and engages the fuel cell.

• 1/2 pound lighter.

• Beefier pin and latch spring

• The depth of drive adjustment is larger and easier to adjust.

• Larger and longer belt hook that swivels to either side – nice touch!

• Re-designed handle that is slimmer for comfort and re-designed for a better grip.

• Re-designed contact probe which now points down as opposed to up. This increased line of sight.

• Shorter and lighter battery than the Ni-Cad.

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