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Paslode CF325LI Cordless Framing Nailer

Paslode CF325Li  Lithium-ion 30 Degree Cordless Framing Nailer Review:

I’ve been using Paslode pneumatic and cordless nailers for at least two years and have been very happy with their performance.  Recently Paslode sent me the Paslode CF325LI Cordless Framing Nailer and asked me my thought on it’s  performance as compared to the older cordless NiCad version that I have.

What’s The difference?

According to Paslode the CF325Li cordless nailer drives 50 percent more nails per charge (up to 6,000) Thats 2,000 more nails per charge than the Ni-Cad version. The lithium-ion battery also holds its charge five times [5X] longer than the earlier Ni-Cad version.

One amazing new feature that the lithium-ion nailer has is a two-minute quick charge that will drive up to 200 nails.  That’s huge when you’re in the middle of and need to finish up a project but don’t have the time to wait one hour to completely charge the battery.

Oh yeah and did I mention that the new CF325Li is lighter?

It’s 7.25 pounds versus the NiCad which is 7.50 pounds, a small amount but I’ll take anything I can get to get to reduce arm and shoulder fatigue.    It also features a new depth-of-drive adjustment that adjusts without tools. The depth of drive adjustment was redesigned  and is now MUCH easier to change and adjust.


NEW depth of drive adjustment

First Impression:

Battery standby position

The new Paslode CF325LI Cordless Framing Nailer looks exactly the same with one exception. 

The battery has a standby tab [on /off tab] that allows you to slightly back out the battery to disengage it from the tools contacts. 

This is a nice feature because like many other cordless nailer owners I always remove the battery to prevent the tool from from drawing off the battery when not in use.  [Similar idea to eliminating Phantom electrical loads]

This nailer is incredibly well balanced and precise.  It’s compact size allows it to just fit between 16″ o.c. studs, joists or rafters which I recently appreciated when installing joist blocking.

The trigger and new depth of drive switch are easily manipulated with gloves on and work well. The CF325Li fired every time for me and it was pretty cold outside.   As fast as I could set up and pull the trigger the nailer fired.   

I’m not a fan of bump firing and do not have my pneumatic nailers set up to do so, so I’m not going to debate the two as far as safety, speed or accuracy goes.  Suffice to say that  the CF325Li can place a nail as fast as you can push /set the nailers nose trigger and pull the trigger.  For a skilled user that equates 2 to 3 nails per second.

Using The CF325Li Cordless Nailer:


Overall Impression:

I loved my Paslode Ni-Cad version and this newer version blows it out of the water.   As far as  cordless nailer technology goes Paslode has upped the ante.

If your tired of setting up, dragging and tripping over pneumatic hoses then I suggest you become a cordless convert. I am ! check out the Paslode CF325LI Cordless Framing Nailer.

How Much and Where to Buy?

The Paslode CF325Li Cordless Framiang Nailer can be purchased online for $369.00 here: PasLode-CF-325LI-Li-Ion-Cordless-Framing


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