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Paslode 2 Year Service Promise

Paslode 2 Year Service Promise


Paslode Hassle Free, No Cost, No Questions, 2 Year Service Promise

The folks at Paslode just upped the ante in customer service, big-time, with the introduction of their NEW Paslode 2 Year Service Promise.

Let’s face it, second only to a tool going off line contractors absolutely hate having to bring a tool in for service. It’s a sucky experience and the reality is, we blow it off. Many of our broken tools end up on a shelf in the shop and we go buy a new tool.

Why? Because we can’t be bothered with the work loss, shop hassle and costs involved with having it repaired. And don’t forget the aggravation involved with shipping or driving the tool to the shop, and huge downtime associated afterwards.

Mostly, we can’t deal with the downtime. Time is money and a down tool costs us money.

Well that’s all about to change. Paslode just embarked on a massive marketing campaign to spread to word to their cordless nailer users about this program. If you just purchased a cordless nailer or are considering purchasing one, pay attention.

What is the Paslode 2 Year Service Promise?


The 2 year program is basically an easy, no cost, no hassle way to have your tool serviced or repaired.

The Paslode 2 year promise will provide regular “service” or repair to any eligible nailer within two years of the date of purchase

They promise to use Paslode genuine factory parts and will service and repair the tool under any circumstance, no receipt required and no questions asked. All of the tools will be serviced or repaired at the Paslode Lake Forest, IL factory service location with in 3 days and shipped immediately back to you! Free!

The best part is if the tool is unfix-able, Paslode will replace it and issue another 2 Year Service Promise. How cool is that?

Eligible Nailers:

The no cost, no questions asked service and repair program is eligible for the following cordless systems:

How It Works:

There are three simple steps required to participate in the Paslode 2 Year Service Promise program.

  1. Enroll your nailer online or by mail within 60 days of purchase using its serial number. If you enroll online you will receive an additional two-month Service Promise extension.
  2. Activate your account.
  3. Initiate a service claim, which can be completed online, via phone or mail.

Note – Paslode will provide a pre-paid mailing label, packing instructions and UPS locations for shipment of the product.






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