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Panasonic Dual Voltage Cordless Tools

PANASONIC Dual Voltage Tough IPTM Li-Ion Cordless Power Tools 

 Panasonic recently expanded their line of  Tough IPTM Li-Ion Cordless Power Tools. The Tough Panasonic Dual Voltage Cordless Tools IP line now features products with new Dual Voltage Technology.

What is Dual Voltage Technology?

Dual Voltage technology allows you to select tools to be used as both 18-volt and 14.4-volt with just a switch of the battery pack. Panasonic is currently the only power tool manufacturer to have this type of technology available.

Where’s the Value? 

Having a tool that can operate with Dual Voltage Technology means having a tool that can utilize all of the battery platforms you own.  You can now swap out the Panasonic 4.2Ah LS Li-ion battery pack or existing 14.4-volt or 18-volt batteries to achieve the desired voltage.  Now you can use a lighter battery, making the tool lighter if needed or the application warrants.

This proprietary Dual Voltage Technology is now available on the Cordless ½-inch Drill and Driver kit, the ¼-inch Hex Quick Connect Cordless Impact Driver Kit, Cordless ½-inch Square Drive Impact Wrench and the Cordless Reciprocating Saw (tool only).

What’s in the kit?

The kits come with a charger, two 4.2Ah LS Li-ion battery packs and a carrying case.

Panasonic Smart Chargers:

Panasonic’s battery charger extends the life of the 4.2Ah LS battery pack and power tool through electronic monitoring. The charger looks for even discharge while preventing over-charging and over-discharging.

Let’s face it contractors use their tools to get things done and that sometimes means pushing them hard!  Panasonic has an electrconic over-discharge sensor to prevent the user from running the tool after it reaches the point where too-low voltage output could damage the battery or tool, and an internal temperature sensor also indicates if internal battery temperatures rise, and cuts off tool power if it reaches critical levels.

 Other Tough IP Li-ion 18v/14.4v Dual Voltage Technology Tools:

The Tough IP Li-ion drill has an IP 56 rating for dust and water resistance, and includes the  following features:


The Tough IP Li-ion  ¼-inch Hex Quick Connect Cordless Impact Driver Kit has the following features:

The Tough IP Li-ion   EY75A2X (Tool Only – No Kit) Cordless ½-inch Square Drive Impact Wrench has the following features:

The Tough IP Li-ion  EY45A1LS1G/EY45A1X (Tool Only) Cordless Reciprocating Saw Kit has the following features:


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