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Old School Workmanship

Ornate woodwork, Copper Weather Vane and Blue Martin Birdhouses

This week I found myself in Bar Harbor Maine. It has been years since I passed through here and it is as beautiful as ever.

While I joined everyone around me at looking out into the scenic bay at the water, the sailboats and many surrounding islands I also find myself drawn to all the man made structures.

No matter where I go I always stop to admire local architecture, old and new woodwork, outdoor hard scape sculptures and fountains.

Old School Workmanship

I found this interesting eight sided, ornate gazebo structure along the docks of Bar Harbor.

Besides admiring the ornate woodwork what struck me as interesting was the integrated Blue Martin Birdhouse on top and gorgeous copper swan weather vane.

If you double click on the photos they will enlarge.

The photo below shows the roofing which appears to be cedar clapboard siding or thin cedar boards siding. The craftsman used small strips of copper to fashion a flashing detail to cover the roofing joints on all eight sides.

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