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New DESIGNRAIL Colors: “Express Yourself By Feeney”

New DESIGNRAIL Colors: “Express Yourself By Feeney”


Feeney DESIGNRAIL is a complete railing system for residential and light commercial spaces that make a bold statement. Sleek, modern, and functional; Feeney DESIGNRAIL is the perfect choice for contractors, designers, and homeowners who want to make a bold statement. And making a bold statement just got easier with the addition of five new colors in the “Express Yourself by Feeney” line of DESIGNRAIL aluminum railing colors.

The Feeney DESIGNRAIL System

Feeney DESIGNRAIL is not just a deck and railing product but a customized system made from high strength 6000-series aluminum extrusions that are cut on site for a custom fit, but screw and snap together integrating pre-engineered components.

The Feeney DESIGNRAIL System contains recycled materials and is low maintenance, long use cycle option for style and eco-conscious consumers. Furthermore the durable powder coated finishes offer superior color retention, impact resistance, and weather protection. Preventing rusting, cracking, peeling, or repainting, which means it’s beauty lasts!

Options and Upgrades

Feeney offers designers, builders, and style conscious homeowners a myriad of options and upgrades to further customize the DESIGNRAIL system. In addition to the exciting new “Express Yourself by Feeney” colors; ‘Margarita Green’, ‘Blazing Blue’, ‘Red Hot Red’, ‘Orange you Sassy’, and ‘Not a Mellow Yellow’, Feeney offers eight traditional options for a more formal look.

Upgrades include custom infills, hand rails, glass gates, intermediate horizontal rails, and low voltage lighting. Fenney DESIGNRAIL system not only adds a modern, clean look to your space, but also allows you to further enjoy the beauty of your outdoor spaces with stainless steel cables, glass, and low voltage lighting to illuminate your surroundings.

Design and Installation

Detailed drawings, 3-part specifications, and design support are available from Feeney and technical support is just a toll free phone call away. This ensures you or your contractor have the support they need to install the DESIGNRAIL safely and beautifully.

Fenney provides you with all the tools you need to design a system in your space that meets your needs and also adds a distinct look to your home or office. Installation instructions are detailed, keeping you from scratching your head, but simple enough to keep your project moving!

Feeney also has a library of How-To’s available here: !

There are some great informational videos, including a few from a Concord Carpenter…

“Express Yourself by Feeney”

Needless to say Feeney’s offerings for modern, durable, and customizable railing systems are plenty. Not to mention the options the bold new colors bring to the table for design concepts. “Express Yourself by Feeney” not only add to the catalog of options from Feeney but provide a designer the opportunity to build a space around the distinct color of the railing system.

You can say a lot about Feeney’s new colors, but Andrew Penny may have said it best “Homeowners, architects, and designers are looking for ways to personalize residential and work spaces .We have added a splash of brilliant color at the railing to give them the inspiration to enliven any indoor or outdoor living space,”

The new colors of “Express Yourself by Feeney” are definitely ACC approved!

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