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New Designer Finishes for Schluter Shower Drains

Schluter KERDI-DRAIN Designs & Finishes

Schluter has been releasing some beautiful finishes over the past few years.  From edge profiles to linear drains to now expanding their finishes with 4 new color options in shower grates.  They are advancing from what used to be standard and meh to nice ascents of a complete bathroom.  Schluter System is introducing four new metallic finishes for clients and designers to choose from.

The color finishes include Rose gold, Vintage gold, Classic gold, and nickel.  These are part of the Schluter KERDI- DRAIN point system.  They are also available on all four patterns of the Schluter point drains – Pure, Curve, Floral, and  the Original grate design.  For more in depth information please visit

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