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Bosch Oscillating Multi Tool Blades


Bosch titanium coated blades increase life of oscillating cutting blades


I own and use a multi-tool on the job site, for cutting applications, and I can honestly say “what did I do before this came out?”  Multi-tools are great but my biggest pet peeve is the life to cost ratio.  Multi-tool blades are expensive and just don’t last!

Bosch Oscillating Multi Tool Blades has a new titanium coating on the new cutting blades extends live by 30 percent — a big savings for users who employ their multi-tool for cutting everything from drywall to nails.

The titanium coating on the oscillating cutting blades able to have a 30 percent extended life due to its better distribution of heat across the surface of the blade, which prevents overheating.

Bosch oscillating tool titanium cutting blades and 3Max blades are available now at distributors and home centers. To learn more or to find a local dealer, visit or call 877-BOSCH-99.

Bosch Oscillating Multi Tool Blades are available in two different sizes:

Full Circular, cutting
Titanium 2 1/2 OSC212TC

Titanium 3 1/4 OSC314TC

Half-moon, cutting
Titanium 2 1/2 OSC212T
Titanium 3 1/4 OSC314T


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