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Milwaukee HAMMERVAC Universal Dust Extractor

Milwaukee M12 HAMMERVAC Universal Dust Extractor Fits Most BrandsMilwaukee Universal Dust Extractor

Milwaukee is now offering a M12 Lithium-ion powered, HEPA,  dust extractor that fits most brands SDS rotary hammers and electric powered drills.   

In the remodeling field, dust collection is becoming the norm and not the exception.  collecting dust at the source not only enhances operator health and safety but it provides a cleaner, safer and easier to keep clean work environment.  This is especially helpful in highly sensitive areas like hospitals, restaurants or homes with folks who have allergies or respiratory health issues. 

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Having a non-proprietary cordless dust extractor was a brilliant move on Milwaukee’s  part and a major move toward eliminating the whole “brand Loyalty” issue with wanting to use one brands drill and another’s vacuum.  

The Milwaukee HAMMERVAC Universal Dust Extractor uses a replaceable and certified HEPA filter for debris filtration, and is powered by a Milwaukee M12  battery pack.

Universal Compatibility:

The Milwaukee HAMMERVAC Universal Dust Extractor comes with three sizes of side handle collars to fit on different tools as well as a 3-Position switch. In addition to “on” and “off”, the user can switch the tool to “auto-on” to turn the HammerVAC on and off automatically when drilling.

The Milwaukee HAMMERVAC Universal Dust Extractor HEPA filter will remove 99.97% of particles greater than 0.3 µm. The replaceable filter can be replaced independently of the dust box which reduced the chance of spilled dust .

 We hope to have a review on this tool next month!

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