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Milwaukee NM Combination Pliers

Milwaukee NM Combination Pliers

Time saver is the first thought I had when I saw Milwaukee NM Combination Pliers. With this tool you can quickly strip the sheathing off a romex cable and then with the same tool strip the individual wires.

The first time I used Milwaukee NM Combination Pliers I was roughing in the 2nd floor of a house and I fell in love with these pliers.  They saved me a good 10 seconds on every romex cable I stripped.  This was a smaller project and I stripped roughly 45 cables, multiply that by 10 seconds and that’s 7 and half minutes saved.  On a larger project that time could easily be doubled and in an environment where every second matters that is huge.

Milwaukee NM Combination Pliers Performance

When you’re stripping the romex cable the Milwaukee NM Combination Pliers fit perfectly over the cable and allow you to pull the sheathing off.  I had to check the first couple times to see if they touched the individual cables, because of how easily they sheathing pulls off.  There wasn’t a single mark on the wires.  The Milwaukee NM Combination Pliers will allow you to strip 14-2 romex and 12-2 romex and after you have the sheathing off you can go back and strip the individual wires whether there 12awg or 14awg.

Milwaukee NM Combination Pliers Features

When you look at the pliers closer you see what else it can do, such as:

Keep your fingers clear because these cutting blades are sharp.  Bolts snap easily and wire cuts smoothly with this tool.  For a small tool I was surprised how easily it cuts, compared to a larger handle tool, such as Milwaukee’s 9” linesman pliers.  The pliers work very similar to a set a needles nose pliers, working nicely in small areas where your linesman pliers are to large to fit into.


Excellent At Stripping Romex

I wouldn’t buy the Milwaukee NM Combination Pliers for it’s individual wire stripper capabilities.  This tool main purpose is to strip romex cables.  In my opinion, Milwaukee’s 6 in 1 combination pliers or there Gen 2 combination wire plier serve a better purpose for stripping wires.  I prefer to have the wire stripper portion towards the front of the pliers.  This is strictly a preference and what I am used to and someone else may disagree with me and love where they are positioned.  That being said they work great for stripping 14awg and 12awg solid wire.


The handles really close the deal for me.  The fit nicely in your hand and feel sturdy.  Milwaukee’s signature red color makes them easy to stand out, you won’t loose these.  The pliers themselves weigh .65lbs.  I’m used to wire strippers feeling small, flimsy and cheap in your hand and these are anything but that.


Milwaukee NM Combination Pliers are a great specialist tool to have in your bag.  I know whenever I’m going to be working with multiple romex cables I will be reaching for these.  As the owner of a small electrical contracting company time is something I’m always looking for.  At $29.99, these pliers are a no brainer!


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