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Milwaukee Miter Saw 6950-20

Milwaukee 6950-20, 12-inch Dual Bevel Miter SawMilwaukee Miter Saw 6950-20

~ By Joshua Bordenca

After reviewing DeWalt’s DW716 miter saw, it was only fair to review a comparable model by a very comparable company. Milwaukee brought their 6950-20 miter saw to the table.

The 6950-20, 12-inch Dual Bevel Miter Saw with Digital Miter Angle Fine Adjust is without question a 55 pound saw worth talking about.

 First Impressions:

The miter lock and fence locks are fairly standard/practical but any non-sliding miter saw that allows for dual bevel cuts is top notch. However, even more appealing to the eyes is the ever-so sleek design of the motor housing on this particular saw.

The fair majority of miter saws have a similar housing design where it is positioned perpendicular to the saw arm. Milwaukee’s miter saw motor housing is straight with the arm of the saw. It does not jet out anywhere, and keeps one plane creating a sleek and straight aesthetic appeal.

While looking over this beast of a saw, the bevel lock stood out almost instantly. The reason it stands out so much is because it is a wide, flat lever that is extremely easy to engage. The mechanism behind this bevel lock is a cable. With further inspection a comparable cable would be found on say your vehicle hood latch or bicycle brake cables, but this uniquely designed bevel lock is no vehicle accessory. It is a strong, solid bevel lock to the likes I’ve never seen.

Appealing Features:

There are several key factors needed in making a precision cut. The Milwaukee Miter Saw 6950-20 has one of the smoothest start ups, upon trigger pull, that I’ve personally ever encountered. Some miter saws have so much torque power that there can be a “kick-back” to the start, which can result in cuts where you don’t want them or movement of your material. This saw does not have that. From initial pull to release, the flow of power is smooth and results in a smooth cut.

Along these same lines, there is a 60 degree bevel capability and also two LED lights, located on either side of the blade.  With the on/off switch at your finger tips of the trigger for the saw itself, the LED lights offer very bright light that keeps sight on whatever you may be cutting.

Dust Collection:

Another  truly professional feature is their attention to detail with dust collection.

The  Milwaukee Miter Saw 6950-20 dust collection apparatus is also something I have not seen on other miter saws. The design is not your average 1 ½ inch diameter circular port to a dust bag. The Milwaukee 6950-20 offers a wider, more rectangular port allowing for 75% more dust collection. The port slides into place on the rear of the saw facing downwards with a durable dust bag held on by a heavy duty elastic band.

Another treat this miter saw gives is a digital miter gauge. This feature reads every degree you pass and is displayed at the miter lock handle with a glowing digital screen. Whether it be your standard measurements like 45 degrees or a fine tuned miter cut like 43 ½ degrees, it’s displayed on the screen and you are able to lock in that angle on the miter lock.

 Overall Impression:

There is no doubt this saw speaks unique. Offering a few qualities that other saws do not. There is room for improvement with the right fence, where it does not slide like the left, only removes. As well as possibly a rubberized grip for the carrying handle on the rear base of the saw.

Aside from that, this saw speaks to Pro’s worldwide who require solid miter saws with key features allowing for precise cuts, direct lighting, extreme dust collection, and smooth start ups wrapped in a sleek design.

How Much And Where Too Buy?

The Milwaukee 6950-20 12-inch Dual Bevel Miter Saw with Digital Miter Angle Fine Adjust sells online for $570.83 here:

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