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Milwaukee M18 Utility Bucket Light

Milwaukee Bucket Light (2122-22HD)

In January 2017, Milwaukee will be releasing the first ever LED Utility Bucket Light.  This new light will run off of their M18 battery platform and illuminate your job site with 2,500 Lumens.  This new Bucket Light will attract Utility providers, electrical contractors, and lineman just to mention a few.  Milwaukee new M18 LED Utility Bucket Light with TRUEVIEW High Definition Light will be an asset at your finger tips.

M18 LED Utility Bucket light Features

No Shadows

The Utility Bucket Light gives a true light appearance to the work area without shadows or low lighting.  It provides exceptional temporary lighting while being able to clamp to the bucket allowing you to work hands free.  The light has a small foot print and won’t impede into your work space.

The light is actually 2 lights in 1.  It has a dual rotating head design that allows the light heads to move 180 degrees vertical or horizontally independently.  It has 2 modes.  One is the Spot Mode that will assist in viewing from over 500 yards away, and Flood Mode that provides a broad beam towards your work area.

Trueview Technology

The Bucket Light has TRUEVIEW Technology, which is currently the most advanced LED technology.  With its constant beam you will get a true representation of colors and detail.  Paired with the optical design this light provides, you can be sure to have a safe and efficient work area.


The light has been designed and tested to work trough extreme weather conditions. Its durable high-impact poly carbonate lens will deliver superior impact durability.  Milwaukee gives you a limited lifetime LED warranty and a 5 year warranty on the product.


Milwaukee powers this new M18 LED light with its RED LITHIUM batteries.  The run time is up to 4 hours on 2500 Lumens which is max output.  If you’re already on the M18 cordless platform than this new light is just for you.  It is one of the tools listed to be used with the M18 125 plus platform.

Shining A Light On Productivity

Milwaukee’s goal is to improve overall productivity, provide safe lighting conditions, and offer performance driven cordless tools that can all be used off of one platform.  Look for 6T Utility Cutters, 12T Utility Crimper, and 3 uniquely innovative Utility Cable Cutting solutions this year to go along with Milwaukee’s goal of productivity.

Once you add in the industry’s first ever M18 LED Utility Bucket Light, it’s no doubt that Milwaukee is lighting up the competition.

M18 LED Utility Bucket Light (2122-21HD)

  • Flood = 2500 Lumens with 4 hours of run time*
  • Spot/Flood = 2200 Lumens with 4 hours of run time*
  • Spot = 800 Lumens with 6 hours of run time*

*Using M18 9.0 battery and with both light heads combined

Milwaukee M18 LED Utility Bucket Light Cost

The LED Bucket Light will be available in January 2017.  It will be sold as a bare tool only model (2122-20) or a 2 battery kit version is available model (2122-22).  The MSRP is             $ 899.00.


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