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Milwaukee M18 LED Flood Light 2361-20

Milwaukee M18 LED Flood Light 2361-20

Milwaukee M18 LED Flood Light Review

Everyone knows I love lumen. Last spring I visited with the folks at Milwaukee to check out their new M18 offerings. Many of these items are now available in the stores and one in particular that I like is their Milwaukee M18 LED Flood Light 2361-20.

First Impression:

With an M18 battery inserted the Milwaukee M18 LED Flood Light 2361-20 is heavy.

The M18 Flood Light is powered by M18™ batteries and has 8 high quality LEDs, the Flood Light provides 1,100 lumens and up to 1,300 lux.

Milwaukee like many other light manufacturers are now using LED bulbs over incandescent light sources and they’re justifying their decisions on lower energy consumption, longer lifetime, improved physical robustness, smaller size, and faster switching.

Our Video on the M18 flood Light


The M18 flood Light has an octagonal shape and impact resistant lens. The octagonal shape allows the user to rotate the light on the octagonal sides in order to directs light at different angles. The octagons also make sure this light does not roll away like many flashlights do.

It can also be placed on a step ladder [photo shown] and rotated as needed.

Additionally the M18 Flood Light has a unique feature that electricians will love. a slot in the lower end of the light accepts electrical metallic tubing [EMT] and many electricians have this light on a length of EMT secured into t a wire spool. Brilliant!

Others ways to hang this light are through its Key hole hanger, cross bar hanger and handle hanger.


Using the Milwaukee M18 LED Flood Light 2361-20

We’ve been playing with this light in the shop and also at the job-site and found it provides a great deal of light on all the settings. [low, medium and high]

What Milwaukee seems to get that others do not is that using a better quality LED gives you a better light output and better light color. 

Having a work light that provides consistent colored, bright light is a must when distinguishing important structural details, seeing measurements and differentiating electrical wire colors.

The rubber bumper system on the M18 flood Light totally protects this light from drops and bumps.  No babying this light kicks ass and takes a beating.   I dropped it off different heights from table height to a 6-foot step ladder with no ill effect.    Try doing that with a halogen light.

Overall Impression

We loved using and testing the Milwaukee M18 LED Flood Light 2361-20 but feel Milwaukee can better serve the Pro contractor by providing a plug in or a pig tail plug so this awesome lumen monster can be powered without the battery, if needed.

Don’t get me wrong I appreciate the cordless flexibility but we’d like the option to have both!

How Much and Where To Buy?

The Milwaukee M18 LED Flood Light 2361-20 sells for approximately $139.00 online here:  Milwaukee-2361-20-M18-Flood-Light





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