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Milwaukee M18 Jobsite Fan

 M18 Jobsite FanMilwaukee M18 Jobsite Fan 0886-20 Review

Recently Milwaukee released a new M18 cordless tool, the Milwaukee M18 Jobsite Fan.  At first I questioned whether this was a tool worth reporting on, then I started to think about the many times I have worked in attics, crawl spaces and other humid and hot areas that I would have killed for some air circulation.

Milwaukee M18 Jobsite Fan Design

The Milwaukee M18 Jobsite Fan is one of Milwaukee’s now 70 cordless lithium-ion tools, and was designed for the jobsite, with its heavy duty pvc frame and well constructed pivot points.

The fan delivers is able to circulate air over 40ft, and ran all day on medium on a single charged battery.


The Milwaukee M18 Jobsite Fan operates either on electrical power with a provided AC power plug or M18 battery.   When powered on low with an XC5.0 pack this fan will run for 17 hours. For added utility on the jobsite, the user can hang the fan in a variety of positions from four keyhole hangers or two hanging holes.

The fan provides up to 284 CFM and has 3 speed settings.  The fan head is adjustable to 120° and has 9 detent type stopping positions.

Using the Milwaukee M18 Jobsite Fan

So far I’ve used the Milwaukee M18 Jobsite Fan for comfort both in my shop and on the jobsite.  the weirdest place was on top of some staging in the hot sun.  the fan was able to provide some comfort in an otherwise miserable environment.

We’ve used it to help dry polyurethane ion a mahogany threshold bottom prior to installing a door, and to help dry paint.  It can also be useful in drying out wet and damp areas prior to repairs or closing in wall and cavities.

Its lightweight, durable and handy as hell!

M18™ Jobsite Fan 0886-20 Specifications

How Much?

The Milwaukee M18 job site fan sells foe $98.00 here: Milwaukee-0886-20-M18-Jobsite-Fan

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