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Milwaukee M12 Thermal Imager 2258-21

Milwaukee M12 Thermal Imager 2258-  Review

In my line of work, as a residential electrician, 95% of my customers would not know a job took you longer because you didn’t have a thermal imager. However, the majority of customers are impressed when you quickly diagnose a problem and are able to show them a thermal picture of the problem.  Even better yet, is if you can show them a problem that is about to occur.  As the owner of a small electrical business in a competitive market I am always looking for a way to better myself over my competitors. The Milwaukee M12 Thermal Imager 2258-21 helps me step my game up one notch.
Being very affordably priced, the Milwaukee M12 Thermal Imager 2258-21 me to perform all of the basic functions the more expensive imagers can with the durability you expect from a Milwaukee tool.
The Milwaukee M12 Thermal Imager 2258-21 is a lightweight handheld tool working off of Milwaukee’s 12v battery platform.  I would recommend reading the instructions, but I found the tool very  easy to work with and didn’t touch the instructions until after I familiarized myself with the imager.  

Milwaukee M12 Thermal Imager 2258-21 Applications

Radiant heat in Master Bathroom

There are so many uses for the Milwaukee M12 Thermal Imager 2258-21, and below are a few that as an electrician I find myself using it for most:
  • Checking electrical connections and spotting future failures.  Whether it’s a loose connection, faulty devise, or any of the vast multiple electrical connections.  When resistances increases, connections will heat up and quite often fail.
  • Low voltage fixtures often require assembly and many of the connections often fail due to human error. The instructions often say to wait 15 minutes and feel for heat.  With an imager, you can see the connections and whether or not they need adjusting quicker and more accurately.
  • More and more homes tend to have radiant heat in the floors. How do you know where you are drilling or cutting doesn’t have a heat line in the floor or wall? Using this tool you can see exactly where they are.  It could be because my most recent projects have included floor outlets, but this tool has been a life savor for me.  A few years ago I would of had to pass on a project like this. 

Radiant heat in a Master bathroom moments after it was turned on. I found in Grayscale you are able to see a bit sooner.

Milwaukee M12 Thermal Imager 2258-21 Specifications

  • Milwaukee M12 Thermal Imager 2258-21 offers a sensor resolution of 102×77 (7854 pixels) 
  • Two laser dots appear after half a trigger pull. A must have. Without this feature you can find yourself off target by quite a bit.
  • Pull the trigger all the way after finding your target and you can save the image onto a 8 GB SD card that comes with the Milwaukee M12 Thermal Imager 2258-21.
  • Works off Milwaukee’s M12 battery platform. Gives you 10 hours of run time.
  • Temperature Range -10⁰C – 330⁰C (14⁰F-626⁰F)
  • Field of View 26.8 (Horiz) x 35.4 (Vert)
  • Distance to Spot Ratio 83:1
  • LCD Display 2.4″ High-Resolution Color
  • Display Resolution 320 x 240 pixels
  • Focus Method: Fixed
  • Ranging: Automatic
  • Color Palettes: Iron, Rainbow, Gray
  • Reporting Software: Fully Compatible with Milwaukee Tool Thermal Imaging Software (download)
  • Image File Formats: PNG, .DAT (Radiometric Data)
  • Data Storage SD Card up to 32 GB
  • Drop Test 6′
  • Run Time 10+ hrs
  • Tool Warranty: 5 Years
  • Voltage: 12V
  • Weight: 3.7 lbs

Milwaukee M12 Thermal Imager 2258-21 Features

  • 7,854 (102 x 77) pixel resolution
  • DUAL SENSE™ pixels are ultra-responsive, adjusting individually to eliminate blurring of hot and cold details
  • Take measurements from long range or down to the detail with 83:1 Distance-to-Spot performance
  • Measure surface temperatures 14⁰F to 626⁰F degrees for images spanning wide ranges
  • 2-Stage trigger activates lasers for easy scanning or quickly captures images
  • Dual lasers frame on-screen temperature area
  • 3 color palettes available: Rainbow, Grayscale and Ironbow
  • Automatically locates highest and lowest temperatures
  • Fully compatible with Milwaukee® Thermal Imager Reporting Software available at
  • Compatible with over 70+ M12™ tools

Milwaukee M12 Thermal Imager 2258-21 Overall Impression

The Milwaukee M12 Thermal Imager 2258-21 costs approximately $495.00, online here:  Milwaukee-2258-21-7-8Kp-Thermal-Imager While I wouldn’t use this tool to create a detailed report, its a GREAT tool for troubleshooting and testing equipment. You  getting an inexpensive thermal imager that can do some great stuff!  This imager is backed by the Milwaukee name, so you know this will be something you’re going to use for awhile.  Put yourself above your competition with the Milwaukee M12 Thermal Imager 2258-21.

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