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Milwaukee M12 HAMMERVAC Universal Dust Extractor

Milwaukee M12 HAMMERVAC Universal Dust Extractor Kit 2306-22

Milwaukee M12™ HAMMERVAC™ Universal Dust Extractor Kit 2306-22 Review

We recently had the opportunity to bring the Milwaukee M12 HAMMERVAC Universal Dust Extractor 2306-22 to the job-site to  review and test out.  Here’s what we think:

Dust Extraction on the Job-site

Tool companies are trying more and more to bring easier-to-use and more effective dust extraction to the job site. The Milwaukee M12 HAMMERVAC Universal Dust Extractor 2306-22 is a great example of this safety conscious trend.

Good for Anyone Drilling Concrete

This is a fantastic accessory for those who work in sensitive environments, occupied buildings, or are just tired of breathing hazardous concrete dust or getting it in their eyes. Which is pretty much everyone who drills concrete. The Hammervac is a very compact 12v battery operated HEPA (99.7% filtration of particles >3 microns) dust extractor with a spring-loaded suction tube with a brushed nozzle and a built-in adjustable depth stop.

Easy to use

The Hammervac is easy to use and lightweight at 3.3 lbs which is key for an accessory that you’re going to be clipping onto the side of another tool.

It attaches to a hammer drill with one of the 3 included side handles, which will adapt the Hammervac for use on almost any SDS rotary hammer on the market. The side handles include a small clamp that grabs onto fittings on the side of the hammervac and is useable on the left or ride side of the tool (that’s right, my fellow lefties it’s ambidextrous and unlike those stupid scissors from grade school it actually works).

The Hammervac has a three position switch Off, On, and Auto which turns the tool on as soon as the spring loaded vacuum tube is depressed, it then remains on for a few seconds after it’s again fully extended to clear the tube and fitting of any remaining dust.

I used this tool with my older Makita corded rotary hammer and with the new Milwaukee M18™ Cordless 5/8″ SDS Plus Rotary Hammer Kit 2612-21 and it worked flawlessly with both (although color coordination and the lack of cords were both a plus with the Milwaukee). There’s also an optional crevice tool. So I think I’ll be using this as a mini vac for smaller jobs that require a little clean up as well as dust extraction for concrete drilling.

Reduced Fatigue and Reduced Risk

In use I like that the Hammervac allows the best of both worlds where you can keep two hands on the tool and have dust extraction. In the past I’d just hold a vacuum nozzle near the hole I was drilling which meant that one hand was just holding onto the rotary hammer for dear life!

Plus with the Hammervac you don’t have another cord and or a vacuum hose dragging on the tool. So while it is heavier than a vacuum hose I found that this tool reduces fatigue and increases safety.

Overall Impression

A really well thought out tool that is exceedingly useful for keeping concrete dust to a nearly eliminated minimum.

Then the Milwaukee M12 HAMMERVAC Universal Dust Extractor 2306-22 is a great accessory for you!

About the Author:

Ethan Bickford has a long history with carpentry. His father worked as a contractor for many years and taught him the ins and outs of home repair and remodeling from a very young age. Since then Ethan has kept up his skills and knowledge by doing handyman work while in college and eventually started his own carpentry and remodeling company which he’s been running for the last three years. He loves teaching and advising on tools and techniques. Ethan is also a big fan of quality workmanship. “Do it right the first time!”



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