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Milwaukee M12 FUEL

Milwaukee Expands FUEL Brushless Line to Include M12 Tools

A few months ago I attended the 2012 Milwaukee Media event and got a sneakpeek at their M12 and M18 FUEL line up.  Adding theMilwaukee M12 FUEL makes a ton of sense and they did’nt just add a few tools like other manufacturers, they added six tools to their line up.

I’ve been using M12 tools for a few years now and love them, the whole idea of the sub-compact line excites me.  There are many contractors and so many applications that just do not need the weight, size or power or a larger tool.  

Please don’t think that the M12 tools lack power, they don’t.  In fact these “puppy like” tools have a bite that is far worse than their bark.  Pound for pound their extremely powerful and the longevity of the battery is truly impressive. 

The Milwaukee M12 FUEL line is everything I want to be in life;  strong, efficient, a good communnicator with lasting power ;)

The Secret Trilogy:

The new Milwaukee M12 FUEL line features a “Powerstate” brushless motor, “RedLink Plus” electronics and “Red Lithium” 2.0 batteries.

POWERSTATE™ brushless means a more efficient motor, longer run time, less noise and the ability to cool more rapidly.

REDLINK PLUS™ Intelligence is electronics that allow communication between the tool, battery and charger, and constantly monitors this internal network to maintain ideal conditions, including stopping the motor to prevent damage.

REDLITHIUM™ 2.0 batteries provide up to 2X more run-time, 20% more power and 2X more recharges than standard Lithium-Ion batteries.   REDLITHIUM™ 2.0 battery operate cooler and performs in climates below 0°F/-18°C with fade free power.

The  Milwaukee M12 FUEL will include six unique drilling and fastening tools, they are:

M12 Fuel™ Drills will include:

The M12 FUEL™ Impacts will include:

Expect to see the new Milwaukee M12 FUEL products this winter and tool reviews this fall! 


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