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Milwaukee M12 FUEL 1/4 Hex 2 Speed Screwdriver

Milwaukee M12 FUEL 1/4 Hex 2 Speed Screwdriver 2402-20 ReviewMilwaukee M12 FUEL 1/4 Hex 2-speed Screwdriver    

I first spied the Milwaukee M12 FUEL 1/4 Hex 2 speed Screwdriver at the 2012 Milwaukee Tool media event and I’ve been waiting to tell you folks about it ever since.

Milwaukee turned up the heat with their M12 Fuel line – they basically hit a home run by being the first to introduce a 12-volt brushless drill, driver, impact driver line, and 12-volt 2.0Ah or 4.0Ah battery packs.

So far Milwaukee is on the field alone!

Milwaukee M12 FUEL 1/4 Hex 2 Speed Screwdriver Specs:

Milwaukee M12 Screwdriver Video Review:

Using The Milwaukee 2402-20 in the field:

Taking these tools into my shop to play with is one thing but actually bringing them onto the job site is another.

We’ve been using the Milwaukee 2402-20 in the field for two weeks and are only on the second battery. This is not a toy tool we’ve been beating the tar out of them and are impressed!

The Milwaukee 2402-20 is a real deal, compact, lightweight and super powerful driver.  I’m also testing the 2403-20 ½” Drill/Driver. Both of these tools can do anything my older 18-volt line did and do it faster, longer and better.

You know it’s funny because most guys on the job site laugh when they hear that thesetools are 12-volts. That is until they try it out for awhile.  While I’m not advocating that the 12-volt replace the 18v or 20v line all I’m saying is that they are real deal contenders and have a place on the job site.  My electrician wants a set for his service install and my plumber loves the size for hanging pipe straps.

So far I’ve used this little tools to drill large holes and drive big fasteners like Timber lock screws and 3-4 inch fasteners. The torque and power is impressive and the M12 XC High Capacity LITHIUM-ION Batteries.

I found the Milwaukee 2402-20 light, compact and easy to use. The ¼” hex chuck accepts bits without having to pull on the quick release which is a nice touch and the bright LED light stays on after the trigger is activated for approximately 15 seconds.

If you plan on using these tools on the job site I’d highly recommend getting some XC High Capacity batteries – it’s a no brainier and the run time and power is truly impressive.

Overall Impression:

The Milwaukee M12 FUEL 1/4″ Hex 2 speed Screwdriver is light, compact and very powerful!

I’ve been using the Milwaukee 12 volt drivers in the shop for along time. Now with the Fuel line of drivers and XC batteries many tradesmen on the job site can use these tools.


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