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Milwaukee M12 Cordless Grease Gun 2446-21

Milwaukee M12 Cordless Lithium-Ion Grease Gun 2446-21Milwaukee M12 Cordless Grease Gun 2446-21

Part of working in the trades is maintaining your tools and equipment. Milwaukee recently came out with a cordless grease gun that allows you to lubricate machinery and equipment faster and easier.  It’s the Milwaukee M12 Cordless Grease Gun 2446-21 and it’s a real nice tool!

The M12 Grease Gun is powered by Milwaukee’s Red Lithium 212 volt batteries and delivers consistent and constant grease under over 8,000 PSI max operating pressure.   On a full charge the Milwaukee M12 Cordless Grease Gun 2446-21 can dispense up to 7 grease cartridges per charge.  The M12 takes a standard size 14 ounce grease cartridge or 16 ounce of bulk grease.

Lightweight and ergonomic designed the M12 grease gun weighs 7.2 pounds and is only 14″ long.  It has an  integrated stand to keep the tool up right, a built in fuel gauge and a grease coupler holster to securely house the 36 inch lone hose.

An air bleeder valve at the front of the tool assists with priming the tool for quick grease flow.


Video Review:


Overall Impression:

I rate tools on whether they can save me time and or money.  The Milwaukee M12 Cordless Grease Gun 2446-21  definitely saved me time and  labor and can get my grease maintenance done in a cleaner, faster manner.

The only negative to the M12 grease gun is the plunger and related spring mechanism.  The plunger is designed to be pulled back to a locking position to  allow the grease cartage to be inserted.  If you’re not careful engaging the lock back, the plunger will shoot forward and if your unlucky enough to have your other hand in the path your bound to break a knuckle.

How Much and Where To Buy:

The Milwaukee M12 Cordless Grease Gun 2446-21 sells online with the 12 volt extended battery for $ 192.00 here:  Milwaukee-2446-21XC-12-Volt-Cordless-Grease

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