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Milwaukee LED Light

Light It Up With the Milwaukee M12 LED Stick Light

by Phil Benevides

Milwaukee is getting ready to release a new attachment for their ever expanding M12 series, the M12 LED Stick Light, runs on the M12 Lithium Ion battery, currently compatible with over 50 other Milwaukee products, and is attempting to tackle a problem that has plagued job sites and tradesmen alike, lighting.

Having a light source conveniently accessible in your tool box without taking up vital real-estate in your go to tool storage systems can be a challenge. Furthermore, if you keep a small flashlight in your box or bag just to find that the light it provides is too dim, doesn’t cover the area you need, or can’t be fixed on the area that needs light, it makes you wonder why you keep it at all.

This Milwaukee LED Light is Milwaukee’s solution. It has three super bright LED lights packing 220 lumen of visibility to your job. The Stick Light comes standard with a stainless steel, adjustable hook for hands free operation, and you can upgrade with a magnet attachment to make any under sink or basement job much easier to navigate.

Poor lighting can be a hazard on your job site. It can degrade the quality of your work, slow you down, and not to mention it can put you and your crew at risk. The M12 LED Stick Light makes safe and effective lighting accessible to every worker on your crew, ensuring your work sites run efficiently and safely.

The Milwaukee LED Light is under a foot in length and is thin enough to fit easily in your tool box or bag, so it’s easy and convenient for you to make a safe and productive workspace in just moments. With an ever expanding line of M12 products that are light, small, yet still powerful getting on board with this system and investing in the LED Stick Light is a no brainer.



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