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Milwaukee Job Site Backpack 48-22-8200

Milwaukee Job Site Backpack 8-22-8200

Milwaukee Job Site Backpack 8-22-8200 Review

The folks at Milwaukee recently introduced a backpack as a tool storage and transport option. We recently played with the Milwaukee Job Site Backpack 48-22-8200and quickly determined that it is a durable, pro grade backpack, worthy of any job-site.

Most of the guys on my crew swear by the Veto Pro Pac bags and for good reason, they’re awesome bags. What appealed to the crew was that the Milwaukee backpack is of similar quality, offers “hands free,” at less money. [$99.00]

According to Milwaukee Director of Marketing, Bobby Shaw, “Every facet of the new Job-site Backpack was designed specifically with the professional tradesman in mind, providing users with an ideal solution for transporting their tools and tech gear to the job-site.”

We were skeptical that once loaded with tools that this backpack would be comfortable to carry. We were pleasantly surprised that the thickly padded, and load bearing harness allowed a full load carry with little stress on the shoulders.


The outer fold-down front pocket easily allows storage of large items such as cordless drills, fish tapes or extension cords. Exterior mounted daisy chains allow for additional clip-on storage and carabineer attachments for keys and other items.

There are 35 pockets for organizing tools and most of these pockets are accessed through two large zippered compartments. There is even a pocket perfect for storing a notebook for field notes and material lists.  Side pockets designed for water bottles also hold other items like 12 volt drivers, a tape measure or just about anything else you can think of.

We liked that the 15.6” laptop pocket was well protected and allows users to transport and safely store storage of laptops and tablets.  The Concord Carpenter crew was impressed with the ability to mix computer electronics with tools and easily recognize that this tool bag would be perfect for MRO, HVAC, electricians or other service personnel who also have computer or tablet functions while working.

The Milwaukee Job Site Backpack is built with durable 1680-denier material and an impact and water resistant molded base that extends 2-inches up to protect the bottom of the bag from moisture and to keep it up right.  We placed this bag in 2 inches of water and  snow without getting the internal tools wet.

Fewer Trips To The Truck:

The Milwaukee Job Site Backpack 8-22-8200 allows you to keep all your go to tools with you which means less back and forth trips to the truck. It additionally allows for the ability to have your hands free to carry other tools or materials.


The Milwaukee Job Site Backpack 48-22-8200 sells for $98.00 online here: Milwaukee-48-22-8200-Jobsite-Backpack


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