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Milwaukee Demolition Screwdriver

Milwaukee Expands Handtools With Demolition ScrewdriversMilwaukee Demolition Screwdrivers

Milwaukee Tool just expand their Hand Tool line with the introduction of new Milwaukee Demolition Screwdriver and screwdriver sets that feature hardened tips and forged shanks to provide maximum precision and durability to the user.

I cringe everytime I see my electrician using his screwdriver as a chisel, these new drivers  have heat  treated steel caps for striking.

Kudos to  Milwaukee for observing how end user use tools and adapting to that use as opposed to telling folks not to use a tool a certain way.  That is forward thinking and seems to be the focus of top tool manufacturers these days.

The Milwaukee Demolition Screwdriver design features an  anti-roll design, and  multiple ID markings allow for quick tool identification in the tool box or tool bag.

Part of a larger Hand Tool launch in May 2013, the new  Milwaukee Demolition Screwdrivers will accompany the following tool sets:

Milwaukee Screwdriver Expansion:

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